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Quadratic Primitives -NURBS v2.0

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Product ID:448903
Category:Procedural Object
Host Application:3ds max
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Operating System:Windows
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Quadratic Primitives NURBS v2.0 is a package of 12 plug-ins for Autodesk 3ds Max that represent 12 primitives (curves and surfaces) powered by Spline and NURBS. They are developed for Autodesk 3ds Max.

   The package includes twelve objects: three quadratic curves (which are also known as conic sections or conics) and nine quadratic surfaces.

These 12 plug-ins are:

   NURBS Elliptic Arc v2.0
   NURBS Parabolic Arc v2.0
   NURBS Hyperbolic Arc v2.0
   NURBS Ellipsoid v2.0
   NURBS Paraboloid v2.0
   NURBS Hyperboloid v2.0
   NURBS Double Hyperboloid v2.0
   NURBS Hyperbolic Paraboloid v2.0
   NURBS Cone v2.0
   NURBS Elliptic Cylinder v2.0
   NURBS Parabolic Cylinder v2.0
   NURBS Hyperbolic Cylinder v2.0

   This is the first group of plug-ins for 3ds Max on the market, which presents the full package of primitives for modeling of/with the forms mentioned above. The curves could be created as Spline and NURBS, and the surfaces as Mesh and NURBS.

   After installing the package and starting 3ds Max a new group
Quadratic Primitives -NURBS is appeared in
Create -> Geometry.

   You may create the curves as NURBS CV curves (of 3rd order) and the surfaces as NURBS CV surfaces (of 3rd or 4th order). An exact representation is presented. It is in real time. It is not an interpolation or approximation method. It is a complex mathematical representation. A NURBS model that represents exactly the given curve or surface was developed for every primitive.
   The NURBS curves and surfaces could be subdivided.

   In the process of modeling with a NURBS quadratic curve (surface) you could modify a part or parts of it and the other part or parts preserves the form of the quadratic object with its special features.

   For more information and examples you could look at the User Manual which is available for download from this page.

You can try
             NURBS Ellipsoid v2.0
                                     for free now!
Download it, extract the archive and read readme file for further instructions about the installation.
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