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Shrub Rounded Deciduous

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Product ID:447914
MasterFormat Code:32 93 33
UniFormat Assembly Code:G2050
OmniClass Code:23-11 27 19 11
Family:Shrub Rounded D
Manufacturer:Mother Nature
Mfr Product Number:DNA sequence
Only 2D:No
TurboSquid Member Since February 2009
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Information and graphically rich with many existing species ready for plans, elevations, axons, tagging, and scheduling. Includes USDA Hardiness zone range, scientific name, purchase size, mature size, etc. for each species. Easy to add your own types and specify your own RPC content for rendering.

This is one of a series that makes a planting design system. It was designed by a Landscape Architect who used it in his practice and includes the most commonly available species in the trade. It makes planting design fun. Just think of the basic form you need, go to that family whose name is based on that form, and then select a species.

When a planting design using the plants from this series is viewed in a shaded axon, it is easy to tell the deciduous plants from the evergreen backbone of the design, much like looking at a winter's view. For plans, the symbols are clear with thousands of possible custom combinations to make your own unique symbol per planting schedule item. Used with the other plants in the system, schedules can be grouped by a parameter that distinguishes betweeen evergreen trees, deciduous trees, and shrubs. Great for the Architect and Landscape Architect.
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