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Royalty Free License - All Extended Uses
1 Version
Max 5.1 - 9.0 Host Version
Utility Category
3ds max Host Application
Windows Operating System
Product ID 427554
Downloads 58127
178 Products
Since 2005
-- pX LocoRandomizer
-- Version 1.0
-- Last Modified: 4-Nov-2008

-- You are allowed to freely use and distribute pX LocoRandomizer
-- for both private and commercial use, but you are not allowed
-- to sell pX LocoRandomizer for profit.

-- Short Desc:
pX LocoRandomizer is a MAXScript Utility Plugin to randomize/set
values of all posible properties or parameters from multiple objects
simultaneously. Extremely flexible and easy to use.

-- Features (Version 1.0):
-- + Randomize/Set basic node transform properties: Position / Rotation / Scale
-- + Allow manual entry of Object property name (MAXScript syntax)
--    and randomize/set its value.
-- + [Test] button allow check the Type (or class) of the manual entered
--    property name.
-- + [Pick...] button lets us select a parameter from a Track View Pick Dialog.
-- + User can enter a list of MAXScript assignations, then apply it randomly to all objects

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