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Product ID:426841
MasterFormat Code:32 93 00
UniFormat Assembly Code:
OmniClass Code:
Mfr Product Number:0
Only 2D:No
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Description: 13 Easy to use and Convenience Tree (planting component) embed with RPC (From default RAC2009 RPC contents), with 12 different symbols to choose for plan view, variable diameter for plan symbol and variable height for tree outline for elevation without creating a new type.   Component Type: Work Plane-based Additional Sub-category: 4 sub-categories will be added under Planting after the component loaded into a project file. Mainly, they are for visibility control and line weight/line pattern proposes. Instruction of use: 1. Load the desire tree component into the project file you work on. 2. Place the desire tree component on a host surface or select to place the component by Level. 3. Choose a desire Plan Symbol, and change the Foliage Dia valve if you want, from the Element Properties dialog. 4. On elevation/section, drag the top of the tree to the desirable height. Also you can use the Visibility/Graphic to turn off one of the Tree Elevation Outline (Elevation XX or Elevation YY) to archive a desirable symbolic representation for the elevation/section view.
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