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Video Workshop Mental ray 3.6 vol.1 English

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This course illustrates the new motor of rendering Mentalray3.6 in 3dsmax 2008
They are present: video avi codec xvid - resolution 1024 x 768.
Inside the course they are contained the files of example and relative texture.

The course illustrates all the potentialities of the new light mr Sky Portal.
The potentialities of the visualization in real time of material lights and shadow
available now in Mr 3.6.
The correct process of job through the use of the formality gamma in relationship
to the use of the textures.
The use of the I new mr Photographic Exposure Controll and a main point
series of photographic exercises that will show the potentiality of it
in relationship to the world of the photo.
The new available options now in the material Arch and Design and some new shaders.

The course lasts around 4:00 hours, language English.

Index lessons:

       Revision, as the Fg was used in 3dsmax 9.0.

002_MR3.6_sky portals
       The new light sky portal and the differences of a light area.

003_MR3.6_ sky portal_sample
      As the sky portal is set in relationship to the environment.

004_MR3.6_sky portals parameters
       We analyze the parameters of the Sky portal.

005_skyportal and the lights
      The correct operation of the Sky portal and the other lights in scene.

       Comparison between Mr3.6 and Vray 1.5 two competitive solutions

      To understand the operation of the Direct x in 3dsmax 2008

008_MR3.6_Real-time Sun and Sky
       The visualization in real time of the sun and sky

009_MR3.6_Real-time Shadow
       The visualization in real time of the shadow

010_MR3.6_Real-time Shadow display
       As to check in real time more than a light

011_MR3.6_real times material dispaly
      The visualization in real time of the materials

012_MR3.6_Viewpot renderings setting
       Total control of the real time in an alone click!

       Because to use the range

      Possible errors in the render preview as to resolve them

       Effect of the use of the range

016_MR3.6_Gamma and texture
      The Gamma and her correct formulation in relationship to the materials

017_MR3.6_Gamma and texture 2
      The Gamma and her correct formulation in relationship to the materials
       second part

018_MR3.6_Gamma and colored texture
       The Gamma and her correct formulation in relationship to the texures

       The physical scale in relationship to the various types of illumination ( standar,             Photomertic, Day light System )

       As to plan the Expousure Value (EV) and the Shutter Speed.

       To understand the use of Aperture and her formulations.

      To understand the use of the Speed ISO (f-stop) and her formulations.
Download the index for complete description.

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