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Color Depth:24 bit
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Because of this products popularity, I have redone all the maps for a clearer crisper more professional look. This download is divided into 5 parts. Because of the ultra high resolution of the uncompressed files the file sizes can be large. They are uncompressed to keep the best quality and detail.{br/}{br/}24 photo realistic sky maps, each map is extremely high resolution and ready for games, architectural or high definition scenes.{br/}{br/}Ideal for realistic seamless sky maps to be used in a scene. Static backdrops are insufficient when the camera needs to change position and it reduces the realism of your scene. A realistic sky map such as this one is great for changing camera angles and gives the complexity of a realistic cloud system to your scene.{br/}{br/}includes:{br/}Mountain Daze {br/}Width: 7,380 {br/}Height: 1,673 {br/}{br/}High altitude sunset{br/}Width: 10,693 {br/}Height: 1,576 {br/}{br/}Ocean sunset{br/}Width: 10,582 {br/}Height: 1,725 {br/}{br/}Desert Daze{br/}Width: 12,028 {br/}Height: 1,674 {br/}{br/}Sunny Day{br/}Width: 7,768 {br/}Height: 1,410 {br/}{br/}Winter Mourning{br/}Width: 7,008 {br/}Height: 1,325 {br/}{br/}Summer Evening{br/}Width: 6,821 {br/}Height: 1,422 {br/}{br/}Beach Dusk{br/}Width: 9,021 {br/}Height: 1,464 {br/}{br/}Ocean Breeze{br/}Width: 8,293 {br/}Height: 1,568 {br/}{br/}Beach Sunset{br/}Width: 10,429 {br/}Height: 1,462 {br/}{br/}Breezy Day{br/}Width: 8,427 {br/}Height: 1,493 {br/}{br/}Spring Sunset{br/}Width: 5,576 {br/}Height: 1,488 {br/}{br/}Stormy Clouds{br/}Width: 4,751 {br/}Height: 1,640 {br/}{br/}Spring Shower{br/}Width: 19,013 {br/}Height: 1,613 {br/}{br/}Marina Sunset{br/}Width: 13,680 {br/}Height: 1,685 {br/}{br/}Squall Line{br/}Width: 17,966 {br/}Height: 1,553 {br/}{br/}Heavenly Abode{br/}Width: 9,985 {br/}Height: 1,696 {br/}{br/}Winter Evening{br/}Width: 6,473 {br/}Height: 1,620 {br/}{br/}Beach Sunset 2{br/}Width: 13,593 {br/}Height: 1,716 {br/}{br/}Brewing Storm{br/}Width: 16,794 {br/}Height: 1,422 {br/}{br/}Summe
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