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Mental ray 3.4 in 3dsmax 8.0
Volume 2
This course illustrates Mentalray3.4 in 3dsmax 8.0.
They are present: video lesson, format avi in codec xvid - resolution 800 xes 600.
Inside the course they are contained the max 8.0 files of example, the textures
the files ies for the Photometric, the textures HDRI, the formulations of the shaders.
Following the lessons of the second course ,for understand
how to use to the best solution for Mentalray3.4.
They are analyzed in depth the techniques to realize scenes
of global illumination, the control of the final gather,example
of photometric illumination and realization of materials for the
global illumination and some shaders.
More than twenty-five lessons only devoted to illustrate all the necessary parameters
for a correct formulation of the global illumination final gahther and ambient occlusion
This course is inicate to intermediary consumers, it is necessary to already know the
standard operation of 3dsmax.
You will be able to create scenes of convincing globalillumination, and to understand as to combine and to check the materials in these scenes.
The course lasts more 4 hour, language english
Following the lessons:
001 lesson mental ray formulation
Formulations architectural scene
002 lesson mental ray to Activate the Final Gather
How to use the Final Gather to simulate Global illumination
003 lessons mental Material ray Override Final Gather
Howto plan the material for the diagnosis of illumination
004 lessons mental Radius
How to regulate the radius of the Final Gather
005 lesson mental Diagnostic ray Final Gather
How to interpret the diagnostic in FG andfast test in radius
006 lesson mental ray Bounce Final Gather
To understand the operation of the Bounce
007 lesson mental ray Final Formulations Final Gather
Formulations rendering of quality
008 lesson mental ray to Save the Final Gather
Howto save and accelerate the calculation of the Final Gather
009 lesson mental ray Analysis and change Final Gather
How to intervene on the contrast and brightness without calculate
once more the Final Gather
010 lesson mental Color and Final Gather
How to check the color of the materials in the Final Gather
011 lesson mental ray Lights and Final Gather
Solutions with photometric lights insides and outside scene
012 lesson mental ray Global Illumination sample
To activate and to regulate the samples
013 lesson mental ray Global Illumination radius
The radius in the Global illumination.
014 lesson mental ray Global Illumination ligth properties
I check photons intensity and decadence in the lights
015 lesson mental ray Global illumination Manual setting
Check photons intensity and decadence in the single lights
016 lesson mental ray Global Diagnostic illumination
To interpret the diagnostic one in the global illunination
017 lessons mental ray Global illumination
The trace depht and his effect in the global il.
018 lesson mental ray Global illumination final Solution
Render of quality for the global the and rescue of the solution
019 lesson mental ray Global illumination and Final Gather
To use the G.i. and the F.G. together
020 lesson mental ray Global illumination Shader Photon basic 1
How to use the shader to check the diffused in the G.I.
021 lesson mental ray Global illumination Shader Photon basic 2
How to use the shader to check the specular in the G.I.
download the index for complete description.
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