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Video Workshop Mental ray 3.4 vol.1 english

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Mental ray 3.4 inside 3dsmax 8.0
Volume 1

This course shows the Mentalray3.4 rendering engine operation in 3dsmax 8.0.
Are present 31 lessons
Inside the course are available file of example, contain materials and models.
Operations for the principals material, shader and interface are explained.
Following the lessons of this first course, you'll understand how to use

This course is for intermediate users we need to know 3dsmax
for follow all step of video lessons.

Total length four hours, language English.
Format : avi 800 x 600
Codec video : Xvid codec
Codec audio : mpeg layer 3

Below the names of the lessons :

001 lessons mental ray activate
    how active thr engine mentalray

002 lessons mental ray Sample quality
      how control the quality and analyze the rendering

003 lessons mental ray Refract Reflect
    how control the algoritm for fine result

004 lessons mental ray motion blur
      how check the motion blur in object and shadow

005 lessons mental ray depht of field
       how check the deht of field in camera and perspective view

006 lessons mental ray shadow
      how to understand the operation of the shadow

007 lessons mental ray standard light
      manage the standar light

008 lessons mental ray standard light and sklyligth
    how work the skylight inside mentalray

009 lessons mental ray photometric light
       manage the photometric light and ies file

010 lessons mental ray light shader
    the shader for the light

011 lessons mental ray introduction material
    as to manage the materials and the shaders

012 lessons mental ray DGS and glossy
    the dgs material 1

013 lessons mental ray DGS specular tranparency
    the dgs material 2

014 lessons mental ray glass material
    the glass material

015 lessons mental ray index of refraction out
      sophisticated controls for index of refraction

016 lessons mental ray glass lume 1
      the glass shader

017 lessons mental ray glass lume 2
      the glass shader and shadow shader

018 lessons mental ray refract base
      the refract shader for fast effect

019 lessons mental ray the caustics
      sophisticated material for create caustic

020 lessons mental ray the caustics again
      realize the beautiful caustic

021 lessons mental ray material to shader
    material mentalray surface: how manege the material to shader

022 lessons mental ray bump and shader list
      material mentalray bump: how manege the bump shader
                                                 how manege the shader list

023 lessons mental ray mix shader
      material mentalray surface: tips for control shader

024 lessons mental ray displacement
    material mentalray dispacement : how manege displacement shader

025 lessons mental ray displacement standard mat
      standard and mentalray material : realize sophisticated effect

026 lessons mental ray volume beam
      material mentalray volume: how manege volume beam shader

027 lessons mental ray volume mist
       material mentalray volume: how manege volume mist shader

028 lessons mental ray parti volume 1
      material mentalray photon volume: how manege parti volume shader 1

029 lessons mental ray parti volume 2
    material mentalray photon volume: how manege parti volume shader 2

030 lessons mental ray enviroment
    material mentalray enviroment : how manege en

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