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Decorative Grass (Pampas Grass) 3D model

3D Model License: Standard    Upgrade License
Blender 2.79  |  Cycles Render
3D Model Specifications
5,777 Polygons
15,714 Vertices
Polygonal Quads only Geometry
UV Mapped
overlapping Unwrapped UVs
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01. General info:
       Scene contains a clump of pampas grass in flower pot.           
       Model is made of 13 separate objects grouped together (pot, green grass blades as single object,
        dry grass blades as single object, 5x stems and 5x grass flowers as single objects)
       All renders were made with cycles render with HDR background (pot subsurf 3, grass subsurf 3,
        stems subsurf 2, flowers subsurf 1).
       Subdivision Surface Modifier OFF:
       15.714 - Verts
       5.777 - Faces
        Subdivision Surface Modifier ON: (pot-2, grass-2, stems-1, flowers-0)
       73.854 - Verts
       53.297 - Faces
       Subdivision Surface Modifier ON: (pot-3, grass-3, stems-2, flowers-1)
       249.726 - Verts
       211.685 - Faces
02. Lights:
       This scene contains simple 3 hemi lamps.
        Using HDR background is strongly recommended.
        HDR background is not included.

03. Real World Scale: yes (X:155cm Y:155cm Z:134cm)

04. Scale/Rotation/Location: applied to all objects

05. Topology: quads only
       N-Gons presence - none
       Poles with more than 5 edges presence - none
       Coincident/Coplanar faces - none
       Overlapping/Coincident vertices - none
       Isolated vertices - none
       Normals facing out - yes
       Origin/Pivot Point location - (0,0,0)

06. UV Unwrapped objects:
       All objects have been unwrapped.
       Overlapping UV's - All instances of grassblades and stems use the same texture and are sharing
       same uv space.

07. Textures:
       Texture paths - relative
       Grass blades - 1024x1024 (base color, normal, specularity)   
       Grass flowers - no textures
        Stems - 1024x1024 (base color, normal, specularity)
       Pot - no textures

08. Hierarchy model:
       Flat File Structure - yes
       Naming scheme - Names follow UE4 naming convention.

09. Groups - Objects are organised in groups:
        G_Flowers contains all stems and flowers
        G_GrassBlades contains both green and dry blades of grass
        G_Main contains pot, grass, stems and petals. Use this group to append this model to your scene.
10. Unapplied modifiers:
       Subdivision Surface Modifier
       This scene was made in Blender. It has been exported to .obj extension. If you use other software
       than Blender 2.79, you may need to put an additional effort to run this pack properly.
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