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Max Defaults - free

Royalty Free License - All Extended Uses
MaxScript uinstall
MaxScript v0.56
2010 and up Host Version
3ds max Host Application
Product ID 916151
Downloads 36192
50 Products
Since 2014
This script saves and loads not accessible Max Defaults.

It saves selected values of modifiers as your defaults / presets and load them when you add new modifier (just hold Ctrl, Alt or Shift button)

Max Defaults starts with your 3ds Max and works in background.
You can save up to 7 different presets for each Object or Modifier
Ctrl, Alt, Shift combination represents your presets

How to do:

To save your defaults:
- Open Max Defaults - Save script,
- Select modifier or object
- Select properties to save (or press button All)
- Hold Ctrl, Alt or Shift
- Press Save button

To load defaults:
- Hold Ctrl, Alt or Shift button while adding new modifier or object.

Copy / Paste Modifier properties:
- Open script,
- Select modifier on modifier stack
- Select properties to copy (or press button All)
- Press Copy button

- Select modifier on modifier stack
- Press P button

If you hold Ctr , Alt, Shift while button P (paste) pressed It will paste properties from saved defaults

This is only beta version for testing.

Let me know what you think.
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