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TurboSquid Customers Speak, Artists Listen

(New Orleans, LA – September 23, 2010) – TurboSquid, the world's largest online marketplace for 3D models, has conducted a series of customer interviews to find out exactly what customers want in a 3D model.

As the art and science of 3D modeling passes the 20-year mark, standards have grown organically in various disciplines such as architecture, film, CAD (computer-aided design) and game development. No one organization has stepped forward to set standards for 3D modeling, leading to a Wild West of niche standards.

TurboSquid, with its two million strong member base and leading production houses as regular customers, is in a position to "find out what industry professionals consider to be 'quality' in a 3D model," says Michele Bousquet, VP Marketing at TurboSquid. "The best person to ask is someone who shops for and uses stock 3D models. Our top customers see 3D models from a wide variety of artists, so they have a large basis for comparison."

Bousquet adds that TurboSquid aims to improve the quality of their catalog over time, and that they wanted to make sure they did so with the right standards in mind. "Our customers have certain expectations. If we're going to present standards to artists, we wanted to back them up with concrete information from the customers themselves."

TurboSquid has started making the rounds to interview top customers on video, recording their opinions on 3D modeling topics common to all applications such as UV mapping, multi-sided polygons, and real-world scale. "It's amazing what we're learning about our customers, their processes, and our marketplace," Bousquet says. "Our customers need no prompting to talk about what they'd like to see in 3D models and in product presentation at TurboSquid."

TurboSquid expects to make the customer interview videos available to the general public in the fall of 2010 via their YouTube channel.

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Michele Bousquet
VP Marketing
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