CheckMate Tools Contest

Contest Winners Announced

  • We've chosen the three contest winners! You can read about the winners on our blog, and download their winning entries from our CheckMate Tools page.
  • Many thanks to everyone who entered the contest.

Create the next great CheckMate tool, and win great prizes!

  • We've recently released CheckMate Tools, a series of tools that check a 3D model for points in the CheckMate specifications. CheckMate artists who participated in the beta for these tools have found them very useful.
  • But these tools don't work for everyone. Many of our CheckMate artists use 3ds Max versions prior to v2010 to make 3D models, and our current tools work only for v2010 and later. The XView function in 3ds Max 2010 made our 3ds Max CheckMate tool easy to write, but tools for earlier versions are more challenging.
  • That's where you come in. We'd like your help in writing the next generation of CheckMate Tools, and we're offering prize money to make it happen. First, Second, and Third Place prizes will go to the CheckMate Tools that meet most of the target features, runs the fastest, and has the most elegant solution. Then we'll share your work with the industry so they can improve their own 3D workflows.
  • Read the Contest Details
1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Target Features
Your program should generate as many points as possible from the Target Features list, such as:
  • List objects with Ngons and detail how many for each object
  • Name objects with overlapping vertices and explain how many for each object
  • Identify objects with overlapping faces and mention how many for each object
  • Check for objects with overlapping UV's
  • Note objects with non-100% Scale transforms at the object level
  • Calculate Tris and Quads in the file's geometry