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Hunting weapons

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3D model of a set of weapons intented for hunting and/or self-defense (non-lethal weapons, see wikipedia on 'Non-lethal weapon'). The weapons are a crossbow, compressed air rifle, recurve bow and rifled musket. All can be fitted with lethal (for hunting) and less-lethal ammunition (for either hunting or self-defense). For the crossbow, a tranquillizer dart, regular darts (with sharp tip) or knockout arrows (with blunt rubber arrow heads). The latter 2 types of ammunition are not shown in the model. The recurve bow too can be used with either regular arrows (with shapr tip) or arrows containing a blunt tip. Both the compressed air rifle and the rifled musked can be fitted with lead or metal minié balls (for hunting) or balls of a softer material (ie wood, wax, ...) for self-defense.

With the crossbow, a monocle is used as a sight, for carrying the crossbow on the back, it needs to be retracted. The 2 carrying straps are used for carrying it on the back (with the sight away from the back and with the bow itself nearest towards the ground). The crossbow has a tensioning system similar to a compound bow. A crank is also foreseen for tensioning the string before firing it with the trigger.

The compressed air rifle has projectiles inspired on the William Hale rocket, allowing the projectiles of maintaining their trajectory, even when fired from a smoothbore barrel (as which is the case here). The reloading happens by means of a winchester-style mechanism. The compressed air tank sits on the front of the weapon. The weapon is inspired by the Partisan Airgun

The recurve bow was inspired by the Mongolian recurve bow and is fitted with a arrow with a color sequence, to allow the shooter to assess the impact strength of the arrow (useful when firing non-lethal ammunition). Again, the string is tensioned by means of pulleys, similar to the system found in compound bows.

The rifle musket is based on the Cookson repeater, yet has been given a conventional flintlock system. The rifle musket has taken over the crank mechanism of the Cookson repeater/Lorenzoni pistol, making rather rapid reloading possible. A schematic is added in the model explaining the reloading process. The barrel has been rifled and Minié balls were used, allowing a range of 300 yards as compared to 100 yards range of a regular musket. The Minié ball used is a .577 caliber minié ball, the length of the rifle (barrel and full length) is the same as of the Pattern 1861 musketoon. The barrel is thus a 39 inch barrel with three grooves, with a 1:78 rifling twist (meaning 1 turn in 78 inches). A silencer has been added and the whole is made to resemble the De Lisle rifle more or less. See the 'Purchasing_the_models' link at appropedia's AT_CAD_Team for additional information on the model
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