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Victorian Gent - Rigged - one model 2 versions 3D model

by r189
3D Model License: Standard    Upgrade License
Lightwave 11.6  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2009  |  mental ray
3ds Max 2017  |  mental ray
FBX 2014
FBX 2009
3D Model Specifications
11,764 Polygons
12,265 Vertices
Polygonal Quads only Geometry
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs
Product ID: 1378137
151 Products
Since 2005

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Victorian Gent - Rigged - one model 2 versions

FVictorian Gent - one model 2 versions Rigged and Animated for Lightwave version 11.6 and up and for 3DS Max version 8.5 and 3DS Max 2017 and up

OBJ files include the base object and the 53 morph target objects

*************** MAX USERS***************
2009 and 2017 versions are already setup and work correctly.

This model uses Tangent Directx Normal maps. For 3DS Max users, the 3DS Max 2009 model works correctly as is. If you import this into a later version of 3DS Max (I dont know when they changed things) youll need to: 1) goto CUSTOMIZE => PREFERENCES => GAMA and LUTE => Turn off LUTE 2) goto CUSTOMIZE => PREFERENCES => bottom of screen - Normal Bump Mode => Select Directx, so it reads the maps correctly.

Even then, in the newer versions of Max the Normals maps will be very low (not showing up well) - They are there and will work, you just need to turn up the volume on them. So for Body instead of 1.0 in the normal map node use 1.2 or higher and in the additional Bump node instead of 0.08 use 0.008.
*************** MAX USERS***************

This model comes with several pre-animated scenes to get you started:
Man8_VG2_Zero_Fin (base T-Pose and Rigged Scene)

I dont like to have too many control objects in my rigs, I like them simple and so I try to access the bones directly as often as possible. you can remove or add to the control objects I have placed on the rig.

In Lightwave Flyboy-MainLayer moves the entire rigged object
In Max the LOC-POINT moves the entire rigged object

MAX: The main controlling Object CtrlC_COG attached to 'ROOT' bone
LW: The main controlling Bone is the 'ROOT' bone

Max: The feet and legs are controlled by 'LT-Foot' and 'RT-Foot' objects respectively. When you select a foot controller in Max under the Modify menu you will find Custom Attributes which have Heel To and Ball of foot controls.
LW: The feet and legs are controlled by 'LT-Foot' and 'RT-Foot' bones respectively. LW has Lt_ToeControl and RT_ToeControl for horizontal toe control - LW Also has LT_OnToes and RT_OnToes to rock toes up

Max: The hands are controlled by the CtrlC_LT_Hand and CtrlC_RT_Hand objects
LW: The hands are controlled by the LT_Hand and RT_Hand Bones

Max: the Knees and Elbows are managed by CtrlC_LT_Elbowand CtrlC_RT_Elbow and CtrlC_LT_Knee and CtrlC_RT_Knee objects

LW: the Knees and Elbows are a bit different and are managed by LT_Shoulder and RT_Shoulder and LT_Knee_Rotate and RT_Knee_Rotate objects - a bit tricky at first, but youll get the hang of it

Max: The Head, Neck, shoulders, fingers and spine(s) all have their own bones as controllers
LW: The Head, Neck, shoulders, fingers and spine(s) all have their own bones as controllers

The eyes have bone control for position or you can use the Eye morphs to control position.

The Z-RT_ThickFingers morphs are to make the fingers thicker while using bones to form the hand into a fist. The bones tend to make the finger thinner when bent to extremes - these morphs are intended as a fix for that.

The Top Hat and Walking stick are optional (their visibility can be turned on or off as desired).

There are 53 morphs in this object - 8 of them are Phoneme controls:
0-A, 0-CDGJKNSTYZ, 0-Closed, 0-E, 0-FV, 0-LT, 0-MBP, 0-O, 0-U, 0-WQ, CheeksPuffed, Eyebrow-Arch-LT, Eyebrow-Arch-RT, Eyebrow-DN-LT, Eyebrow-DN-RT, Eyebrows-DN-Both, Eyebrows-IN-Both, Eyes-DN, Eyes-LT, Eyes-Open-Wi
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