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Soviet Block Surface to Air Collection

Softimage 3.5  |  Default Scanline
Maya 6.0  |  Maya Software
3ds Max 5.1  |  Default Scanline
Lightwave 6.5  |  Default Scanline
3D Studio N/A
Other Files
3D Model Specifications
40,535 Polygons
42,465 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
UV Mapped
Unknown Unwrapped UVs
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This is a collection of three models, the SA-6 Gainful (ZRK-SD Kub), SA-8 Gecko (Antey 9K33 Osa), and the SA-13 Gopher (ZRK-BD 9K35 Strela-10). All three are setup for animation with the exception of the tank treads, which need to be separated and rigged according to your animation requirements. Each model is quite light weight, between 10K and 15K polygons.


All models have a generic NATO texture set that includes bump and color maps. All mappings are based on ortho projections so it would be relatively easy to produce your own texture versions.


The SA-6 Gainful (NATO Designation) low to medium altitude SAM was developed in the 1950s and first seen in public during 1967. In the Russian Army it is known as a ZRK-SD Kub; export version is ZRK-SD Kvadrat. First operational use was during the 1973 Middle East conflict when used by Egypt and Syria; since then it has also seen combat in Algeria, Angola, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and Morocco.

The SA-8 Gecko (NATO Designation) is a single-stage, solid-fuel, short-range, low-altitude, all-weather SAM system. In the Russian Army it is known as the Antey 9K33 Osa. The first production version of this system was identified as SA-8a, which only had 4 launcher rails and exposed missiles. A target can be brought under fire both with one missile as well as a volley of two missiles. This system is also air transportable.

The SA-13 Gopher, known in Russia as the ZRK-BD 9K35 'Strela-10', is a highly mobile, visually aimed, optical/infra-red guided, low-altitude, short-range surface to air missile system. It is the successor of the 9K31 'Strela-1' (NATO reporting name SA-9 'Gaskin'). Rather than being mounted on an amphibious but lightly armoured BRDM chassis like the SA-9, the SA-13 is mounted on a slightly better protected and more mobile tracked, modified MT-LB. Four missiles are mounted on the turret in boxes, ready to launch, and eight more are carried inside the vehicle as reloads. Reloading takes around 3 minutes.

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