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Oct 24, 2019
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Blender 2.79b  |  Cycles Render 2.79b
Blender 2.79b  |  Cycles Render 2.79b
3D Studio
Textures for Ria Character Model
Other Files
3D Model Specifications
42,593 Polygons
42,746 Vertices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometry
UV Mapped
Mixed Unwrapped UVs
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We are pleased to present our latest Character Model 'Ria'. The character is based upon Anime Style and can
be used for Cinematic Animations, Games and in Corporate or Product Explain Animations.

The character is Modeled, Textured, UV Unwrapped and Rigged exclusively using Blender 2.79b and Rendered in
Cycles Rendering System. The model has Real-World Scale, Centered at Origin and has unique, meaningful
names for Objects, Materials and Textures.

|| Character Modeling Details ||

The Character Model has clean mesh topology and Quad / Tri Surface Tessellation. The anatomical details have
been effectively presented while keeping a firm grasp on the polygon count.

A SubSurface Modifier is applied to the Modifier Stack of each Object, and can be Toggled on/off depending on the requirement. It is advisable to turn off the SubSurface Modifier while Posing or Animating the Character.

The character model has the following polygon count, before applying the SubSurface Modifier :

==> Vertex Count : 42,746
==> Face Count : 42,593

After the Subdivision Modifier is toggled on, the polygon count is :

==> Vertex Count : 170, 535
==> Face Count : 169, 998

The model also has 4 Shape Keys for Eyes Blink, which can be accessed from the Object Data Section of the Properties Panel.

The Measurement Unit for the file is in Meters and the scale of the model is :

==> 1.2 m : Width / 31.6 cm : Depth / 1.76 m : Height.

The Scene also contains the following Extra Elements :

==> One Scene Camera
==> 4 Area Lights

The Character Model is segregated into following Body Parts :

==> ria.Eyes.L
==> ria.Eyes.R
==> ria.Hair
==> ria.HairBand
==> ria.Lingerie
==> ria.Ring
==> ria.Shoes
==> ria.Skirt
==> ria.TeethU (Upper)
==> ria.TeethL (Lower)
==> ria.Torso

|| Character Shading / Texturing/ UV Unwrapping ||

The Character has Textures applied for Torso, Skirt and Eyes; while all other objects has Color Shader applied to them.

The texture resolution, format and file size for each texture are as follows :

==> Torso Diffuse Texture : 4096 x 4096 pixels / JPG / 1.62 Mb

==> Skirt Diffuse Texture : 1536 x 1536 pixels / JPG / 4.58 Mb

==> Skirt Metalness Texture : 1536 x 1536 pixels / JPG / 1.89 Mb

==> Eyes Diffuse Texture : 1300 x 1300 pixels / JPG / 443 Kb

All the Objects have been UV Unwrapped and except the Hair and Sandal, all of them have Non Overlapping UV.

Both Hair and Sandals have Overlapping UV unwrapping.

|| Character Rigging / Skinning ||

The Character Model has a basic rig set up, with Custom Shapes for Control Bones. Apart from Basic Torso Controls, a set of Facial Muscle Controls are also available for creating various Facial Expressions.

The Legs of the Character has an IK Control Setup and the Arms have a FK Control Setup.

|| Character Rendering ||

The Character Scene uses Cycles Rendering System for
rendering of the model. 4 Render Layers have been
set up so as to provide seperate Diffuse, Occlusion,
MatLab and Wireframe Renders for the Character

|| Export Formats ||

The Character is bundled with 4 additional formats for easy migration from Blender to other animation software.
We have provided the model in Collada DAE, 3DS, FBX and Wavefront OBJ formats.

3DS and OBJ formats doesn't support Armatures for animations. While importing the model in OBJ format,
please choose Y Forward / Z Up as 3D Axis system.

Collada DAE & FBX Formats supports Armatures and hence the files has the basic Bone Hierarchy exported into
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