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Space Station

Lightwave 9
Softimage 3.0
3D Studio
3D Model Specifications
995,800 Polygons
1,169,980 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs
Product ID: 543285
133 Products
Since 2006

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This model is a space station that has 2 rotating rings. The model is saved as 7 separate parts and they are loaded into a sample scene file (SS_REAL_1.lws). The model has been heavily UV mapped by hand and pretty much every part has been opened up so it can easily be painted on in a paint program like photoshop. The rings are currently set up to rotate opposite each other but that can easily be changed by altering the keyframes in the sample scene. This scene file has the space station put together with a point cloud for a star field. The points of the cloud are rendered as hyper voxels in lightwave. The model also comes with two zipped files (SS_Textures.zip and SS_Textures_Hlfsize.zip) that contain all the textures that are on the model. The SS_Textures.zip has all the textures at a higher resolution (4000 pixels and 2 at 3000 pixels). With these textures you can get pretty close to the model and the surfaces will hold up. The SS_Textures_HlfSize.zip contains all the textures at half the resolution of the other zip file. This set of textures is good if your computer doesn't have that much memory to work with. To make it easier I've named the textures exactly the same so you can easily swap them out by copying them to the SS_Textures folder (That's where the Lightwave will look for them). The bump maps were saved as 8 bit gray scale images to save file space and memory in Lightwave.

You should make a directory called 'spacestation' and put it in your project directory. Then, unzip and copy the LW_Objects, SS_Scns_LW and SS_Textures (Use SS_Textures_HlfSize.zip for the half res textures!) folders into the spacestation folder. The last step would be to set the Lightwave content directory to your project folder (It probably is already). That way the textures and objects should be found correctly.

Due to the size of the model and its 4k textures, and depending on your system, you may encounter memory problems. You may have to make some adjustments in the lightwave scene to solve this problem.
1) Something you can try is lowering the segment memory so that lightwave will render with more segments.
2) If that doesn't work you can try reducing the number of textures by replacing ones that are similar. The SS_Section1_Body_CLR, SS_Section2_Body_CLR, and SS_Section3_Body_CLR textures are very similar to one another. Maybe replace the last 2 with the first one.
3) This model and its textures were made so you can move the camera close to the model but, you may not need that so I'ave included a smaller set of textures (SS_Textures_HlfSize.zip). As mentioned before, this set of textures will also help save memory usage.

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