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High detail low-impact NASAMSII SAM battery site. 2048 and 1024 res PSD textures available on request. Part of a huge related collection available from ES3DStudios. Single texture per model. NATO Air Force personnel also available.

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System included:

NASAMS AIM120 Missile Launcher array
Sentinel AN/MPQ-64 Radar Tracker
CTOC (Common Tactical Operations Centre) command post
EO-IR visual Tracker (mounted on a Mercedes Benz G-Class Jeep)

The RNoAF together with KDA is currently running a mid-life update of the NASAMS, called NASAMS II, and the upgraded version was first handed over to RNoAF in mid 2006. The major difference the two versions will be the use of Link 16 on NASAMS II, as well as a better ground radar. Full operational capability (FOC) is expected in 2007. A version of NASAMS has been exported to Spain and the Netherlands is probably going to buy several systems before 2008.[2] NASAMS II as used by the RNoAF is ordered by the Netherlands.[3][4]

The system integrates US-built AN/TPQ-36A 3D radars and AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles with an indigenously developed BMC4I system called FDC, short for Fire Distribution Center. The FDC connected to a TPQ-36A radar forms an 'Acquisition Radar and Control System' (ARCS).

White House defense

In 2006 the Norwegian magazine Økonomisk Rapport (Economic Report) revealed that several NASAMS were used to guard air space over Washington, D.C. during the 2005 presidential inauguration.[5] According to the report, the same NASAMS units has since been used to protect air space around the White House. The magazine received access to the deal which mentioned specifically that the equipment be used for protection of the President in Washington. Director Tore Sannes of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace refused to comment, other than acknowledging that they had made a weapon systems deal with U.S. military contractor Raytheon and the United States Air Force.

The system consists of a state-of-the-art three-dimensional battlefield radar which uses modern phased-array antenna technology, a prime mover with a tactical quiet generator and radios, identification friend or foe (IFF) and interfaces to the forward area air defense (FAAD)command and control (C2) network. The sensor is an advanced three dimensional battlefield X-band air defense phased-array radar with an instrumented range of 40 km. The Sentinel is capable of operating day or night, in adverse weather conditions, in the battlefield environments of dust, smoke, aerosols, and enemy countermeasures. It provides 360 degree azimuth coverage for acquisition and tracking. The Sentinel contributes to the digital battlefield by automatically detecting, tracking, classifying, identifying, and reporting targets, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. Targets can be hovering to fast moving, as well as, from the nap of the earth to the maximum engagement altitude of FAAD weapons. Very accurate and quick reacting, Sentinel acquires targets sufficiently forward of the Forward Line of Own Troops (FLOT) to improve FAAD weapon reaction time and allow engagement at optimum ranges. The Sentinel's integrated IFF reduces the potential for fratricide of Army Aviation and Air Force aircraft. Highly mobile and reliable, the Sentinel's Anti-Radiation Missil

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