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Moon Bridge

Dec 7, 2015
CheckMate Pro Certified
3ds Max 2012  |  V-Ray 3
3D Model Specifications
195,453 Polygons
203,472 Vertices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometry
UV Mapped
Mixed Unwrapped UVs
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Moon Bridge:

Model of the Moon Bridge.
A Moon Bridge is a highly arched pedestrian bridge associated with gardens in China and Japan.[1] The moon bridge originated in China and

was later introduced to Japan.[2][3]
This type of bridge was originally designed to allow pedestrians to cross canals while allowing the passage of barges beneath.

Avaible in 3 different format

-3DSMax 2012 V-ray


-This model contains 13 objects which collected in 1 groups and 3 Light settet to cast Caustic on river water
-Contains only quads and tris
-Unit system is set to Centimeters
-Coordinates of the location of the model in space (0, 0, 0)
-Model is built in real scale (Europe cm).
-Model is fully textured, with all Diffuse, bump, mask and others maps
-The 3ds Max (2012) model comes fully shaded and ready-to-use for V-ray
-All other formats have not fully material and light definitions.


The model use a FREE plug in from CGsource called Multytexturemap.


Texture Format:

        MoonBridge_Grass.jpg                        (900x900 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Ground.jpg                        (1500x1500 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Ground_disp.jpg                (1500x1500 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Mudd.jpg                        (1500x1500 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra Grande dirt.jpg        (1500x1500 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra Grande.jpg                (1500x1500 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Rock Moss ref.jpg                (1500x1500 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Stone Diffuse.jpg                (1500x1500 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Stone Mask.jpg                (1500x1500 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 01.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 02.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 03.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 04.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 05.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 06.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 07.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 08.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 09.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 10.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 11.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 12.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 13.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 14.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 15.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Pietra ponte 16.jpg                (477x520 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Rock Bump.jpg                (498x484 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Rock wet.jpg                        (498x484 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Rock.jpg                        (498x484 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Rock Moss bump.jpg                (800x800 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Rock Moss Diff.jpg                (800x800 pxl)
        MoonBridge_Rock no Moss.jpg                (800x800 pxl)
        MoonBridge_leaf_bump.jpg                (521x644 pxl)
        MoonBridge_leaf_diffuse.jpg                (521x644 pxl)
        MoonBridge_leaf_diffuse3.jpg                (521x644 pxl)
        MoonBridge_leaf_diffuse4.jpg                (521x644 pxl)
        MoonBridge_leaf_diffuse5.jpg                (521x644 pxl)
        MoonBridge_leaf_diffuse6.jpg                (521x644 pxl)
        MoonBridge_leaf_diffuse7.jpg                (521x644 pxl)
        MoonBridge_leaf_MASK.jpg                (521x644 pxl)

Polygon counts (without turbosmooth):

Polygons: 216.439
Vertices: 203.472

Model By Andrea Bertaccini-2015
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