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Medical Equipment Collection 36 in 1

This is Medical Equipment Collection 36 in 1
Some 3D models have UVW Unwrap and texture with a resolution of 4096 * 4096 Pix and 8192 * 8192 Pix
Some 3D models have Diffuse, Bump, Reflect and Glossiness map. Some products have a Glow Map
All products sold separately have the PRO certification versions up to June 15, 2013
3ds Max 2009
3DS (Archive does not contain material)(The product contains no 3DS format 'Bilanx AX-700 Anesthesia Apparatus' and 'Medical Privacy Screen')
OBJ (Archive does not contain material)
Siemens Arcadic Avantic
Product ID:685246
Polys: 30871
Vertices: 30294
Tomograph Siemens Somatom
Product ID:682253
Polys: 3276
Vertices: 3228
Siemens Mammomat Nova
Product ID:688552
Polys: 13215
Vertices: 12885
Weyer Infant Incubator
Product ID:689169
Polys: 12755
Vertices: 12566
Philips HD7xe ultrasound system
Product ID:705565
Polys: 12893
Vertices: 12761
DefiMax biphasic clinical defibrillator
Product ID:719510
Polys: 33536
Vertices: 33303
Bilanx AX-700 Anesthesia Apparatus
Product ID:732808
Polys: 93162
Vertices: 92076
Siemens Multix Select DR
Product ID:693074
Polys: 8012
Vertices: 7837
Baby electronic scale Seca 334
Product ID:718829
Polys: 1272
Vertices: 1252
Wireless digital electrocardiograph QUINTON ECLIPSE PREMIER ECG
Product ID:720498
Polys: 10311
Vertices: 9855
Convaquip 5500 Hospital Bed
Product ID:720672
Polys: 52553
Vertices: 52094
Liberty Tympanic Infrared Ear Thermometer
Product ID:721031
Polys: 2383
Vertices: 2359
Blood pressure monitor I-Q132 Sportarm
Product ID:723360
Polys: 6863
Vertices: 6785
OMRON U17 inhaler
Product ID:727258
Polys: 28142
Vertices: 27962
Medical Supply Cart
Product ID:729606
Polys: 8344
Vertices: 8316
Medical autoclave BTD8L
Product ID:730203
Polys: 15466
Vertices: 15380
Medical chair hG-2192
Product ID:733024
Polys: 17928
Vertices: 17914
Hospital stretcher trolley
Product ID:733194
Polys: 15275
Vertices: 15131
Fluoroscopy System Axiom Luminos dRF
Product ID:735462
Polys: 34885
Vertices: 34381
DiaSys Respons 910 clinical chemistry analyzer
Product ID:737130
Polys: 21126
Vertices: 20204
Topographic System ALLEGRO Topolyzer
Product ID:721682
Polys: 14110
Vertices: 13782
Electronic Wheelchair Scale
Product ID:731748
Polys: 3000
Vertices: 2964
Medical privacy screen
Product ID:733099
Polys: 130436
Vertices: 130236
Madical Mobile Computer Cart
Product ID:738125
Polys: 13046
Vertices: 12826
Medical Wheelchair
Product ID:738915
Polys: 39416
Vertices: 38589
Medical Operating Lights
Product ID:739251
Polys: 14764
Vertices: 14542
Operating table Promerix
Product ID:744893
Polygons: 31935
Vertices: 31070
Hyperbaric Medical Chamber
Product ID:744559
Polys: 39401
Medical Trolley
Product ID:744115
Polys: 17171
Vertices: 16961
Brewer Basic Exam Table
Product ID:750089
Polys: 51402
Vertices: 51309
Oxygen Cylinder
Product ID:749511
Polys: 28230
Vertices: 27840
Otoscope Prestige
Product ID:748697
Polys: 16058
Vertices: 16023
Product ID:747532
Polys: 14333
Vertices: 13416
Bio Waste Trash Bin
Product ID:747187
Polys: 3276
Vertices: 3148
Multi-function rotator
Product ID:746688
Polys: 28748
Vertices: 28076
Large Operating Microscope
Product ID:844189
Polys: 81732
Vertices: 81290
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