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Feb 9, 2015
CheckMate Pro Certified
3ds Max 9  |  Default Scanline
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3D Model Specifications
330,618 Polygons
300,197 Vertices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometry
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs
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This is a complete scene of a stylized alien moon or barren planet, including sky, for use in films, commercials, stills or games.

Originally designed as a game level, this terrain is unusual compared to most terrains sold on Turbosquid in that it is intended for ground level or low altitude use. The central square area is over 7.2 million square feet (in original scale) where you can see every pebble at your feet.

The terrain utilizes a 3ds Max “composite material” – tiling textures are layered over each other with opacity maps that do not tile. This allows for extreme surface detail while maintaining sensible texture sizes and modest memory usage. The tiling of the textures can also be changed to alter the apparent scale of the landscape.

Not intended for high altitude/flyover use. Terrain model does not tile seamlessly, but can be cloned and edges remodeled to create larger terrains.

Terrain features include:

Three additional mountain ranges to occlude horizon
Optional low-poly horizon models to occlude horizon and hide bottom of skydome
Four large craters with paths for moon bases, landing platforms, etc.
Three deep canyons and many smaller valleys and paths
A rock maze
A small cave
A “valley of fire”
Flat plains and plateaus for vehicle combat scenes
Various unusual rock formations

Scene also includes:

Skydome with starfield, nebulae and galaxies
Large ringed planet with optional haze, to resemble gas giant
Small moon and animated meteors
Over 430 detail models (cliff faces, peaks, outcrops, small craters, etc) and 125 groups of small rocks
30 prototype models (game ready), arranged under the terrain
31 lights
Two “star cones” for creating space flight animations with moving starfields, located above skydome
Over 15 pages of Instructions and Tips For Use
Animated atmospheric effects – fogs in canyons and on horizon, fire effects, a pulsing sun(star), etc.
An animated, pulsing “Crab Nebula” in the sky
(Note: except for the Crab Nebula, all animated elements use 3ds Max 9 atmospheric effects, and will probably not work in other programs)


Scene includes 47 textures – 19 diffuse, 15 normal maps, 13 opacity maps. All textures are prepared in ready-to use 3ds Max materials. All textures are .tga format, all sizes powers of 2.

Texture Sizes:

Skydome 4096 X 4096
Ground Textures 2048 X 2048 and 1024 X 1024
Opacity Maps 2048 X 2048 greyscale (ground), 1024 X 512 (horizon), 1024 X 256 (mountains)
Detail Models 2048 X 2048 and 1024 X 1024
Large Planet 1024 X 2048, ring 1024 X 1024, haze flange 1024 X 512
Small Rocks 256 X 256

Scale and Units:

Original units were Unreal Units (2cm per unit). Current units are centimeters.
Central square terrain is 2688 feet square (equals 7,723, 194 square feet)
Total diameter, with horizon pieces, is 6121 feet (29,400,000 square feet)
Apparent scale can be varied by changing tiling of ground textures.


Extra files include:

Heightmaps and layer masks (.raw) for recreating terrain in game engines such as UDK.
Proxy ground textures (2048 sq, 4096 sq, 8192 sq) as alternative to the ground composite material
Original .psd file of sky texture, layers preserved, for creating custom skies
Starfield texture without nebulae for alternative, simpler sky
Duplicates of some textures at higher or lower resolutions


This terrain was hand crafted and hand textured, not generated with terrain software.

All renders are default scanline – no third party renderers use
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