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Ultimate Human Foot Bones and Muscles

Cinema 4D R13  |  Advanced Render
3ds Max 2010  |  mental ray
3ds Max 2013  |  mental ray
Collada 1.5
3D Model Specifications
255,553 Polygons
248,713 Vertices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometry
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs
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This model is the authorized derivation of the 'BodyParts3D/Anatomography' data of the anatomical web app by the same name.


Extremely Detailed Model of a Human Hand and Forearm.

You get:


- Calcaneus
- Fibula
- Os cuboideum
- Os cuneiforme intermedium
- Os cuneiforme laterale
- Os cuneiforme mediale
- Os metatarsi I
- Os metatarsi II
- Os metatarsi III
- Os metatarsi IV
- Os metatarsi V
- Os naviculare
- Ossa sesamoidea
- Phalanx distalis I
- Phalanx distalis II
- Phalanx distalis III
- Phalanx distalis IV
- Phalanx distalis V
- Phalanx media II
- Phalanx media III
- Phalanx media IV
- Phalanx media V
- Phalanx proximalis I
- Phalanx proximalis II
- Phalanx proximalis III
- Phalanx proximalis IV
- Phalanx proximalis V
- Talus
- Tibia

Tendons and Ligaments:

- Long plantar ligament
- Membrana interossea cruris
- Tendo calcaneus
- Tendo M plantaris


- M abductor digiti minimi
- M abductor hallucis
- M adductor hallucis caput obliquum
- M adductor hallucis caput transversum
- M extensor digitorum brevis
- M extensor digitorum longus
- M extensor hallucis brevis
- M extensor hallucis longus
- M fibularis brevis
- M fibularis longus
- M fibularis tertius
- M flexor digiti minimi brevis
- M flexor digitorum brevis
- M flexor digitorum longus
- M flexor hallucis brevis caput laterale
- M flexor hallucis brevis caput mediale
- M flexor hallucis longus
- M gastrocnemius
- M interossei dorsales
- M interosseus plantaris I
- M interosseus plantaris II
- M interosseus plantaris III
- M lumbricalis I
- M lumbricalis II
- M lumbricalis III
- M lumbricalis IV
- M opponens digiti minimi
- M quadratus plantae
- M tibialis anterior
- M tibialis posterior


Model-Textures come at 4096x4096 Pixels, each.

Both Wood (4192x3752 Pixels)- and
Concrete-Texture (7296x5472 Pixels) from the Background are included (tileable)
+ 1 HDRI-Map for Global Illumination.

Please check presentation Images for Details
and rate my Work :-)



If you got the OBJ-Version,
please read the Texture-Manual to get
the best results in your 3D-Package.

You find the manual on the right
(additional downloads).
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