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Mar 9, 2016
CheckMate Lite Certified
Lightwave 11.5  |  Default Scanline 11.5
Lightwave 11.5  |  Default Scanline 11.5
3D Studio
FBX 200611
FBX 201200
Other Files
3D Model Specifications
2,630,789 Polygons
5,490,442 Vertices
Polygonal Ngons used Geometry
UV Mapped
overlapping Unwrapped UVs
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Hades class warship/carrier

Size: 1007m x 540m x 314m. Model is realscale.

The Hades is a multi purpose warship that can serve as a fighter carrier. The spaceship features 14 ready to use fighter docks, one large main hangar (for larger transport ships), 144 turrets (CRAM,RAM,AC,Laser,Particle Pulse,Railgun), one very large pulse wave cannon (thanatos), lots of capital missile launchers and 3 docking hardpoints. All docks come with internal parts, moveable doors and lights. Turrets are also fully moveable and articulated (they are identical to my turret models sold here) and the side gondels can be detached to serve as light assault ships.

The whole scene has 2.6M polygons (including the turrets) and it features large 8192px wide maps for paneling. The many detail elements and the high res maps enable reasonable closeups; it was developed for movie making but can be shrinked to gaming purposes by dropping the detail elements and the turrets. It comes with 98 lights to illuminate the hull in the darkness of space. Changing base color is easily done by simply swapping color maps (about a dozen other simple colors are shipped, and using of a camo is also supported). It works well with my other models. (Hornet and Dragonfly fighters, turrets, Titan, Merchanter, etc.) Turret models come bundled with this ship.

Technical note: Model was developed in Lightwave 3D 11.5 and coverted to other formats with Lightwave's own export (FBX and OBJ) or with Deep Exploration 5.5. (3DS) Two LWO versions exists; one with simple, layered planar maps and procedurals (uses less memory) , and a UV mapped one (slightly more memory, however simplier to use). Procedural textures were impossible to convert, but they are easily reproduced in other programs. If you are using the LWO/LWS version, you won't need any afterwork; it is render-ready. However some of the converted versions might need some work to rebuild the original textures or to fit the turrets.(readme is provided to explan texture composition, but ship looks good even without the textures)
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