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Ultimate Earth 3D Geopolitical Globe Pack

3ds Max 2016  |  Default Scanline
FBX 2011
3D Model Specifications
308,430 Polygons
302,700 Vertices
Subdivision Geometry
UV Mapped
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ON SALE! This unique, top rated globe is normally $160, and is for the first time ever on sale for just $99.

Highly detailed geopolitical 3D world with each nation a separate mesh and finely detailed coastlines. Over 170 separate countries are included (some small island nations are not in the scene).

This asset has been updated to include lines of latitude and longitude.

The model has been updated in 2017 to reflect all recent geopolitical changes. For example, it includes separate meshes for relatively recent states/self-governing territories such as Kosovo, East Timor, and South Sudan.

A primary advantage of this model is that it is constructed so that the nations could be smoothed without the type of tearing and messy edges that happen with other approaches such as using a grid mesh. The mesh is also more efficient with polys concentrated along the perimeters of the meshes, so that even with a high level of detail and smoothing, the number of polys is much lower than it would be if constructed using a dense grid mesh.

As a result, the nations have a very pleasing smooth edge that gives the map its distinctive appearance. In addition, because the edges are beveled, even with the same material applied to all nations, the borders remain distinct. In the Max version the Turbosmooth modifier can be turned off, which will revert the model to the less appealing unsmoothed look. Smoothed and unsmoothed versions of the model in FBX and OBJ formats are also included.

Other advantages:
Models which are constructed from a flat map wrapped onto a planet and then extruded typically have problems at the poles and where the mesh meets (usually around the international date line). This 3D globe does NOT have any of these problems (take a look at the preview images of the artic, Antarctic and where Alaska and Russia meet.) You will notice that many other globes for sale avoid showing preview images of these common problem areas. You may also notice other obvious omissions in other models (e.g Yugoslavia as one country, or Spain and Portugal as one nation, etc.)

The underside of each nation is modeled and conforms to the curvature of the earth- great for a see-through earth effect. The ocean can be removed or any material applied, including opaque or translucent.

The lines of latitude and longitude are geometry and separate from the ocean sphere. This allows you to independently texture or hide the lines & the ocean. In the Max version the line thickness can be changed by altering the diameter of the loft circle.

Each country is a separate mesh - useful for demographic or statistical models. They can be independently scaled or moved in or out and textured.

For simplicity the nations have simple colors selected.

The newest HD renders were done in Octane Render using daylight and materials that are available in the application easy to recreate.
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