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Freya Raider With Full Interior 3D model

Jan 10, 2018
CheckMate Lite Certified
Lightwave 11.5  |  Default Scanline 11.5
Lightwave 11.5  |  Default Scanline 11.5
3D Studio
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3D Model Specifications
736,106 Polygons
954,930 Vertices
Polygonal Ngons used Geometry
UV Mapped
Mixed Unwrapped UVs
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RSC034 Freya Aerospace Raidership (with full interior)

Original design and concept by me, never used in any commercial projects. The Freya is a space superiority fast attack gunship/raider that can be submerge into the atmosphere to carry out strike attacks and bombing runs. It has limited stealth capability to make atmospheric operations more safe. All weapons and some of the vernier thrusters are stored in closed bays and they can be deployed as needed. The ship is armed with 4 railgun turrets, 4 laser guns, 24 ASM226 ImRec dogfight missiles and 24 ASM240 ImRec torpedos. The wings can be folded down to waverider config during atmospheric reentry/high speed flight or folded up to fit into hangars.

The concept was to create a highly detailed, realistic looking small ship, that can operate both in space and in atmospheres. Thanks to it's articulated vernier thrusters (26 in total) and the two large plasma drives it's is qute agile especially in space. The four hidden atmoshperic drives make high altitude flights possible even is stealth mode. The ship can land in larger airstrips but it is more suited to space operations when it is carried on larger cruisers outer hull. Vertical landing is also possible using the plasma thrusters.

The ship sports a fully featured interior consisting of a 4 person cockpit, 4 sleeping pods, a small room to rest, and an airlock with extendable docking tube. The cockpit is especially detailed as all the instruments are modeled. the cockpit also has a small holoprojector and five large, curved, eye-movement controlled screens. Whit this interior the Freya is an ideal candidate to all sci-fi space projects, be it movie, TV or game.

The model is realscale, 60.158m wide (with extended wings), 7.648m high with landing gears, and 35.409m long. The model is fully UV mapped, with comprehensive UV layout, enabling easy retexturing. The original model was created in Lightwave 3D 11.5. Two Lightwave versions are offered, one with layered UV maps (for easier editing) and one with one summarized UV map per channel. The later version has trigons and quads only, and can be exported easily. Other versions were converted with various software. Please note, that these versions lacks the procedural textures of the original, and might need a bit work, although the texture files are quite self explanatory. If you can, use one of the Lwo/Lws rsion, that is complete and needs no afterwork. The Lightwave versions also come with complete rigging, movement and rotation limiters, and lights to illuminate drives or thrusters. Ask me for landing gear retraction animation if you need it.

1) The ASM226 and ASM240 Missiles are included with the Dragonfly. The Hangar shown in the pictures are sold separately. Look for it in my portfolio.
2) The Freya looks somewhat similar to a real life B2 bomber, because I wanted to make a stealth capable ship, and that capability depends on the geometry - that's why stealth fighters are quite similar to each other. However if you take a closer look, you will notice the differences.
3) Please note that the interior is quite cramped; all the interior shots were done with 16mm wide lens. (But you can easily resize the interior if needed.)
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