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City Street

Nov 19, 2012
CheckMate Lite Certified
Cinema 4D 13  |  Advanced Render
3D Studio
3D Model Specifications
216,098 Polygons
256,335 Vertices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometry
UV Mapped
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A very important part of any scene is a believable context. This is the purpose of City Street. My goal was to create an adaptable, repeatable, completely encapsulated, VERY high definition 'street scene,' allowing you to focus on content and forget context.


Dimensions (street width, lane width, curb, sidewalk dimensions, public seating, planters, ramps, street lights, walk signals, etc.) are all based on Department of Transportation and FHWA standards.

Overall Street width is 58 ft. (696 in.).

Lane width: 10 ft. (120 in.)
Parking width: 8 ft. (84 in.)
Curb height: 6 in.
Curb width: 1.5 ft. (18 in.)
Planter / Pedestrian Refuge width: 4 ft. (48 in.)
Open Walkway width: 6 ft. (72 in.)
Property Easement: 6 in.

Street lengths were derived from the dimensioning aerial photos of urban areas. As seen in the model, the street segments and intersection are set up for a ~200 ft. block.


Model consists of two (2) simple (yet highly detailed) elements: a STREET SEGMENT & an INTERSECTION. They are meant to be moved within these two groups.


- Street (modeled as one object split down the center)
- Drain Grates
- Parking Meters
- Parking Signs
- Public Trash Cans (also sold separately)
- City Bench (also sold separately)
- Bike Rack
- TREE (also sold separately)

NOTICE: THE TREE USED IN THIS MODEL IS VERY HIGH DEFINITION!!! The poly count of ONE tree is more than the rest of the entire STREET SEGMENT model! I did this so that if you wanted a street level scene, you could use the high poly tree which renders very well. If you are rendering a large scene however, I recommend that you replace with a low poly tree to speed render times.


- Intersection Quadrants (street object)
- Fire Hydrants (also sold separately)
- Public Trash Cans (also sold separately)
- No Parking Signs
- USPS mailboxes
- Light Posts:
Light Posts contain 2 Stop Light Signals, Pedestrian STOP and WALK signs, and a Street Light (with a light object for those using Cinema4D.)


Texture Resolutions: 269x408, 700x700, 700x683, 640x640, 1024 × 768, 177 × 76, 209 × 403, 315 × 115, 512 × 512, 927 × 797, 2100 × 2100, 1024 × 901


SOON TO COME: I am currently working on, and close to finishing, a HIGHWAY SYSTEM model which will come with more street elements and is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with CITY STREET.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope this is helpful to your needs. Happy modeling.
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