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Northern Cardinal(1) 3D model

by r189
3D Model License: Standard    Upgrade License
Lightwave 2011  |  Default Scanline
Lightwave 2018  |  Default Scanline
Lightwave 2019  |  Default Scanline
Lightwave 2020  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2009  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2020  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2020  |  V-Ray 4.10
3D Model Specifications
13,988 Polygons
20,775 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
UV Mapped
overlapping Unwrapped UVs
Product ID: 1633340
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Since 2005

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Rigged and Animated for:
LightWave 2011 - Standard
LightWave 2018 - BSDF
LightWave 2019 - PBR - BSDF
LightWave 2020 and up - PBR - BSDF
3ds Max 2009 and up - Standard
3ds Max 2020 and up - PBR - VRay 4.10
FBX - Max 2009
FBX - Max 2020
FBX- LW 2020
OBJ - includes base object and all morph taraget objs

All Quad Geometry

All models come with several pre-animated scenes to get you started.

The wings are animated using the 3 bones within each. The wings are folded using one of several morph targets.

You can also make adjustments, like spreading the wing tip feathers and spreading the tail using morph targets.


The main controlling object is the 'ROOT' bone

I have provided several scene files to get you started:
Take-Off and Land
Fly loop

The feet and legs are controlled by 'LT-Foot' and 'RT-Foot' respectively. (Lightwave)
The feet and legs are controlled by 'LT-FootControl' and 'RT-FootControl' respectively. (Max)

There are 2 'neck' bones, a 'head' bone and a 'lower beak' bone.

There are 23 Morph targets.

The 'Mouth' phonemes are controlled by 9 Morph targets:
located when you select the Cardinal mesh and go to 'Object' => 'Properties' => 'Deform' (Lightwave)
located when you select the Cardinal mesh and go to 'Modify' => 'Morpher' (Max)

But the mouth can be opened and closed with a bone as well.

The wings are controlled by 3 bones each
and have 1 Morph position, to spread the wing tips and 5 morph positions to fold the wing

The Tail spread is controlled via Morph target 'TailOpened', the Tail bone controls position and rotation.

The toes are controlled by 12 bones on each foot.

To fold the wings use WingFold_06 or WingFold_09.

But if you have positioned the wings by moving the bones, AND you try to use morph targets to fold them, you WILL have some pretty weird distortions that will freak you out.

Don't panic, the solution is to 'zero' out your wing bone positions, as or just before you apply the 'Morph' targets.

Morphs: AI, CDGJKNSTYZ, E, F, LT, MBP, O, U, WQ, Body-Flight, Budy-Puffed 1a, Body Puffed 2a, Crest1, Crest2, Crest3, EyelidsOpened, TailClosed, TailOpened, WingFold_06, WingFold_09, WingTipsDN, WingTIpSpread_01, WingTipSpread_02


The model is made hi resolution by using Sub-Patching, so the actual geometry is much less than the rendered geometry.

20775 verticies
13988 polygons

20903 verticies
13988 polygons

the maps are RGB or greyscale, 72dpi, 4096px X 4096px

Cardinal Morphs - https://youtu.be/nEt9XaSHtpM
TurnTable Wire - https://youtu.be/620VN7fnKiw
TurnTable Wire Low - https://youtu.be/ukxY1dYGt_k
TurnTable Color - https://youtu.be/Px8G1OLrEj8
Fly-Loop - https://youtu.be/PU78Tv1N1Q8
Morphs - https://youtu.be/Gk7J18X9wws
Land Take Off - https://youtu.be/AnpAMB_cbFI
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