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Bagger 288 Excavator (Schaufelradbagger)

Highly detailed model of the Bagger 288 Coal Mining Excavator. Includes Terrain model and Sky Dome model.

Most of the modeling is polygonal with a few subdivision surfaces throughout. The Bagger 288 model contains approximately 1.5 million polygons (before subdivision)

This model was originally made in Lightwave, but has been saved in various formats.
***PLEASE NOTE: This model WILL need to be retextured in packages other than Lightwave, due to Lightwave specific shading and projection methods. All the images used to texture this object are included with your purchase.***

Your purchase includes the following files:

-Bagger 288 Model in OBJ Format

-Bagger 288 Model in LWO (LightWave Object) Format

-Bagger 288 Model in MB (Maya Binary) Format

-Bagger 288 Model in MAX (3D Studio Max) Format

-Terrain/SkyDome Model in OBJ Format

-Terrain/SkyDome Model in LWO Format

-Terrain/SkyDome Model in MAX format

-ZIP folder of all image files used to texture the Bagger 288 and Terrain, including the PSD files.

-LWS (Lightwave Scene) file, which can render the Turbosquid display images (no post processing used)

-ZIP folder containing the Turbosquid display images (these may also be downloaded for free)


Sehr detailliertes Modell des Baggers 288 Coal Mining Excavator!

Der Großteil des Modells ist polygonal mit einigen durchgehenden Unterteilungsflächen. Das Modell beinhaltet ca. 1.5 million Polygone (bevor Subdivision)

Das Modell wurde ursprünglich mit Lightwave erstellt, wurde aber in verschiedenen Formaten gespeichert:

Ihr Erwerb beinhaltet die folgenden Files:

-Bagger 288 Modell in OBJ Format

-Bagger 288 Modell in LWO (LightWave Object) Format

-Bagger 288 Modell in MB (Maya Binary) Format

-Bagger 288 Modell in MAX (3D Studio Max) Format

-ZIP folder von allen 57 image Files, die für die Textur des Bagger 288 verwendet wurden, einschließlich der PSD Files.

-LWS (Lightwave Scene) file, das die Turbosquid display images rendern kann (kein post processing verwendet)

-ZIP folder mit den Turbosquid display images (diese können auch kostenlos runtergeladen werden)
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