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Apollo Mobile Launcher 3D model

This is a High Definition accurate scale model of the Apollo Mobile Launcher Umbilical Tower that was operational between 1966 and 1975 and launched both Apollo 8 and 11.

Please download and read the free 'Apollo Mobile Launcher Reference Guide' PDF for further in depth information about this product.

Modelled with precision using the original architect's scaled drawings, along with extensive photographic and video research spanning over two years.

This model has been built to accurately align with both my Saturn Apollo and Launch Complex 39A (Apollo) models and as such completes my Saturn Apollo launch trilogy.

Model details include:
Fuel feed lines and valve complexes
ECS ducts
Cable trays
Pneumatic and hydraulic lines
Water piping for Swing Arm fogging/deluge nozzles
Domestic, waste water pipes and toilets
Emergency showers, eyewash and drinking fountains
Cameras (film and TV)
Central elevator and hoistway
Stairs and balconies
Underfloor girders, grating, kick plates and railings
Swing Arm access walkways
Swing Arm support girders, shock absorbers and locking columns
Gondola and slidewire
Equipment cabinets, distributors and junction boxes
Backup Swing Arm retract mechanisms

87 texture and bump maps offer down to the rivet detail. Additional high resolution decals are provided for warning and information signs.

This model DOES NOT include the Saturn Apollo launch vehicle or the LC39A launch pad. Please purchase these models separately for the full launch scene.   

Modelled with LightWave 9.6

Suitable for HD video, high-res film close-ups and print

Model contains the following:
93 object layers (including interchangeable features and Layout alignment layers)
1888666 polygons (excluding alignment layers)
1604047 quads, 284619 tris, and 0 ngons
Standard Lightwave materials & texture maps

HDRI skydome used in preview images NOT included in file.
No Photoshop or compositing used for previews.
Default Light & camera is included in file for Signature image scene.
Preview Images rendered with default Lightwave 9.6 scanline renderer.

87 texture maps (PNG format)
Typical size texture map: 4860 x 5760 pixels

Model built to real-world scale
Units used: Feet and Inches. Model is 469 feet high and 160 x 136 feet wide.

Pivot points and morph targets are preset in Layout file for all animatable features/layers shown in animation preview video files.
The model contains the following animated parts:
Hammerhead Crane and Trolley/Hook
Holddown Arms and Tail Service Masts
Swing Arms and retracting umbilical connections
Please download the accompanying free videos to see these in action
Scene files used to render video previews included

Fully compatible with my Saturn Apollo and LC39A (Apollo) models (NOT INCLUDED). See notes in free download section that explain minor additions to these 2 models included in ZIP files for customers who have already purchased them. Also check out the free download ZIP file that includes images and videos of all 3 combined models.
Model represents over 1000 hours of 3D work
Model is memory intensive due to the large amount of geometry and number of texture maps and requires a minimum of 1GB graphics and 8GB of RAM
Modelled on 64-bit OS - i7 5960X CPU - 3.00GHz - Windows 7 Professional 64GB RAM
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