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Worm Gear Collection 01

Inventor Part 2010
Other .stp
3D Studio
3D Model Specifications
56,866 Polygons
28,433 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
Product ID 1127917

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Worm gear collection modeled in Inventor 2010 and provided in multiple file formats (.IPT, .STP, .STL, .3DS, .OBJ). Collection includes 3 worm gear sizes (16-tooth, 24-tooth, and 32-tooth), 3 spur gear sizes (16-tooth, 24-tooth, and 32-tooth), and 2 worm styles (compatible with spur gears and compatible with worm gears), all fully ready for 3D printing.

The native Inventor files are fully parametric and can be opened and manipulated in any version of the software that is 2010 or newer. The feature trees and parameter tables are logically arranged and clearly labeled, making edits extremely simple.

All gears have been exported as STP files, allowing them to be opened in any 3D CAD software. They have also been exported as 3DS and OBJ files, for use in 3D graphics packages. Finally, they are provided as STL files, making them ready for 3D printing.

Strategic recesses have been engineered into the larger gears to minimize their volume for the purpose of reducing the cost of 3D printing.

Worm / spur gear set fully compatible with Spur Gear Collection 01 (Product ID: 1126918).

No textures or materials included. Model is not animated.

Gear specifications:
- Approximate involute gear tooth profile
- Minimal backlash between gears
- 1/4 inch face width
- 1/4 inch shaft bore
- 16 Pitch (P) gear size
- Pitch Diameter (PD) = Gear Teeth (T) / Pitch (P)
- Worms provided with bore for 1/4 inch ANSI D-profile shaft
- Worm gears and spur gears provided with bore for 1/4 inch round shaft with standard ANSI 3/32 inch keyway
- Polygon counts range from 22,016 (16-tooth spur gear) to 56,866 (32-tooth worm gear)

Product includes:
- Worm gear set Inventor 2010 files (.IPT)
- Worm gear set STP files (for other 3D CAD packages)
- Worm gear set STL files (for 3D printing)
- Worm gear set 3DS files (for 3D graphics packages)
- Worm gear set OBJ files (for 3D graphics packages)

Be sure to download the sample animation!
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