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Roman Doric Column, Order & Entablature

Cinema 4D C4D-6to12  |  Default Scanline C4D+VUE
Vue VUE-6to9
3D Studio 3DS
3D Studio ManRef
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207,577 Polygons
195,125 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
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Hi-Def Model with Modules for Capital, Pedestal, Entablature, Texts-Mats, 3 Columns, Decoration. Suitable for Modern Contemporary and Ancient Architecture. Real World Scale, correct reproduction of Vitruvian modules and proportions for Roman Doric Order
The Roman Doric Column Order & Entablature is a technically correct Photoreal Real world scale Hi-DEF model product suitable for every type of use and for both ancient and modern contemporary environments and sceneries.

This is the unique Architecture Series with the correct Vitruvian modules and proportions for all the 5 Architecture Orders: Tuscan, Roman Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Composite.

The Roman Doric Column Order & Entablature is a perfect reproduction product of the Roman Doric Order according to the rules set by Vitruvius, Palladio, Vignola, Serlio and Scamozzi and according to the archaeological evidence.

Due to their capabilities to add an aura of grandeur, classicism and dignity to the buildings, the ancient classical orders columns have been being used through the centuries and are still an important element of our modern contemporary architecture, since they are still requested on the market for home, commercial constructions, public buildings and even gardening, either as decorative elements or as load bearing ones and many are the modern manufacturer and distributors of Classical Orders Columns.

So in the package you'll find a complete set ready for every type of use, ancient or modern contemporary:

A- Roman Doric Order Complete: Roman Doric Column with 3 different alternate shafts, Roman Doric Pedestal, Roman Doric Entablature and Decoration [C4D, VUE, 3DS, OBJ];
B- Roman Doric Column with simple shaft [C4D, VUE, 3DS, OBJ];
C- Roman Doric Column with shaft fluting classical type A [20] [C4D, VUE, 3DS, OBJ];
D- Roman Doric Column with shaft fluting classical type B [24] [C4D, VUE, 3DS, OBJ];
E- Correct Entablature Corner Module to be cloned/duplicated;
F- Correct Entablature Module to be cloned/duplicated;
G- Complete classical decoration [triglyph, denticles and guttae] as modules to be cloned/duplicated;
H- Decoration is independent and can be easily removed and customized, especially for modern architecture visualization;
I- 2 High Quality textures for Pentelic Marble [2109x1184: Old marble and New Marble];
J- Stone Shader [580x580]
K- 4 special procedural materials for the rendering of marble [long shot and close-up], fiberglass and wood varnish [C4D, VUE];
L- 4 .txt guides: triglyph rendering, column and order scaling system, classical orders symbolism and origin, procedural materials for C4D9;
M- Real World Scale SmartCgArt Man Reference System with models [C4D, VUE, 3DS, OBJ]

C4D-OBJ: only/mostly quads [207577; 195125]
VUE-3DS: triangulated [387855; 269722]

All the Models are Photoreal and Hi-DEF so they are suitable also for Hi-Def Rendering and Close-Up Shots.


The 4 ARCHITECTS series is developing high-fidelity materials, textures and architectural 3d blocks.

The ARCHAEO.SYS series is developing high-fidelity 3D reconstruction of Objects, Architecture and Scenes from Classical Greek and Roman Antiquity.

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