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In the story I'm working on there is a civilization that represent the element of technology, and its opposing element is nature. The technology race created a special tar that corrupts any living organism with chaotic, rageful and destructive nature. The tar was launched from the Techno-Race's planet onto the Nature Planet via skyscraper sized silo that constantly pumps it out. The techno-race uses gears to work everything (ill explain below) and so does the tar silo. Avain is the key to reverse the gears in the silo, which would reverse the tar's entire process and cleanse the Nature Planet.

Avain's gears are powered by a single unstoppable gear called a 'Ghost Gear'. if anything trys to clog Avains gears, then it will just be destroyed and spat out, since the ghost gear can never stop it's motion. The biggest gear on the end of the sword is bladed, so anything that gets near that will be shredded, and if anything gets stuck in the other gears then its gonna get destroyed as well. Avain is always in the hands of the planetary ruler (The Techno-King).

'Ghost Gears' are used by the entire techno-race to power and move all of their equipment. Each major city has a large power plant with gears running from electricity. What these power plants will do is take one gear and projects a hologram of it to whoever send a frequency. The power plant then takes half of the original gears molecules and uses them to make the holographic gear physical. After the molecules are separated it leaves both gears transparent, thus why they are called 'Ghost Gears'. So whatever way the original gear turns, the physical holographic gear will turn as well.
so say for example that i am on the techno-planet, and i want to drive my car. i would frequency for the gear at the power plant to turn the wheel axle of my tires so i could move. and i would be able to change how fast i want to go and everything instantly by sending freuencies. It makes everything more simple mechanically, but gives the government (Which has control over the power plants) a whole hell of a lot of control over their people. and any terrorist frequency-hackers can screw with people way to easily. The techno-race borders between communism and anarchy.

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