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Collection of 75 microbes

3D Model License: Standard    Upgrade License
3ds Max 2009  |  mental ray
3D Studio
texture map for sore throat model
3D Model Specifications
1 Polygons
1 Vertices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometry
UV Mapped
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A collection of 75 high quality models of microbes like micro organisms, viruses, bacteria and cells. Each of them is accurately modeled and suitable for high definition renders, and all of them is using procedural maps. They are highly customizable to be able to make a unique look for each microbe of the same kind. The models can be used perfectly for medical presentations, diagrams, movies or commericals.

The collection is also available in sets of 25 models for 300$, and each model seperately for 24 $.

The collection includes following models:

algae - anabaena
amoeba - amoeba proteus
bone cell - osteocyte
chlamydia - chlamydia trachomatis
cold - rhinovirus
cough - bordetella pertussis
egg cell - ovum
fat cell - adipocyte
flu - orthomyxovirus
gonorrhea - neisseria gonorrhoeae
herpes - herpes simplex virus 2
hpv - human papillomavirus
nerve cell - neuron
paramecium - paramecium caudatum
platelet - thrombocyte
red blood cell - erythrocyte
red tide - alexandrium tamarense
skin cell - keratinocyte
sore throat - streptococcus
sperm cell - spermatozoon
stem cell - stem cell
stomach ache - shigella
syphilis - treponema pallidum
trichomoniasis        - trichomonas vaginalis
white blood cell - leukocyte
acidophilus - lactobacillus acidophilus
acne - propionibacterium acnes
allerghic rhinitis - pollenosis
anthrax - bacillus anthracis
athlete's foot - trichophyton mentagrophytes
bad breath - porphyromonas gingivalis
bifido - bifidobacterium longum
black death - yersinia pestis
cavity - streptococcus mutans
cholera - vibrio cholerae
diarrhea - campylobacter jejuni
e coli - eshericia coli
ebola - ebola
flesh eating - streptococcus pyogenes
food poisoning - becillus cereus
giardia - giardia lambia
listeria - listeria monocytogenes
lyme disease - borrelia burdorferi
mad cow - bovine spongiform encephalopathy
mononucleosis - eppstein-barr virus
salmonella - salmonella typhimurium
typhoid fever - salmonella typhi
ulcer - heliobacter pylori
yeast - saccharomyces cerevisiae
yogurt - lactobacillus bulgaricus
bird flu - influenza a virus h5n1
c. diff - clostridium difficile
chagas - trypanosoma cruzi
chickenpox - varicella-zoster virus
ear ache - streptococcus pneumoniae
gangrene - clostridium perfringens
heartworm - dirofilaria immitis
hepatitis - hepatitis c virus
hiv - human immunodeficiency virus
leishmania - leishmania tropica
malaria - plasmodium falciparum
measles - morbillivirus
mrsa - multi resistant staphylococcus aureus
penicillin - penicillium chrysogenum
polio - poliovirus
rabies - rabies virus
rubella - rubella virus
sleeping sickness - trypanosoma brucei
staph - staphylococcus aureus
swine flu - influenza a virus h1n1
t4 - bacteriophage
tb - mycobacterium tuberculosis
toxic mold - stachybotrys chartarum
toxoplasmosis - toxoplasma gondii
west nile - west nile virus
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