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Supermarket Gluttony Pack

Blender 2.71
Unity 4.0.0.
1024x1024 textures
3D Model Specifications
10,112 Polygons
10,528 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs
Product ID: 888902
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Since 2013

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This extremely affordable package contains 60 supermarket food items made with love and care! Perfect for game development!

The models are between 6-936 polygons. The package comes with 1024x1024 textures, both diffuse and normal maps. As an added bonus there is a Unity Package with ready-to-use prefabs with 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024 diffuse and normal map textures.

You can find a preview for this pack at Sketchfab!

Items (Polygons):
- Beans (120P)
- Beer can (147P)
- Bread (140P)
- Bubblegum (6P)
- Butter (6P)
- Candy bar (38P)
- Cereal (6P)
- Cheese (108P)
- Chicken (317P)
- Chicken nuggets (46P)
- Chocolate syrup (204P)
- Coffee (96P)
- Cookies (82P)
- Creamy Buns (6P)
- Crème fraîche (84P)
- Cutlets (173P)
- Egg carton (214P)
- Fish sticks (6P)
- Flour (88P)
- French fries (112P)
- Ice cream (84P)
- Jam (168P)
- Juice (54P)
- Ketchup (132P)
- Lollipop (79P)
- Luncheon meat (169P)
- Macaroni & cheese (54P)
- Mayonnaise (132P)
- Milk (26P)
- Minced meat (140P)
- Mustard (132P)
- Noodles (64P)
- Pasta (98P)
- Peanut butter (168P)
- Plastic box (135P)
- Potato chips (124P)
- Potatoes (98P)
- Pudding (92P)
- Rice (78P)
- Salami (120P)
- Salmon (140P)
- Salt (6P)
- Salt crackers (146P)
- Six pack (936P)
- Soda (147P)
- Soda bottle (193P)
- Soup (120P)
- Sugar (88P)
- Sushi chutoro (44P)
- Sushi ebi (74P)
- Sushi nigiri (50P)
- Sushi piece (24P)
- Sushi tamagoyaki (82P)
- Tuna (111P)
- Whipped cream (168P)

* All models have been created in Blender and exported into other 3D formats, this means you might have to manually assign textures and other compatibility issues are possible. This is reflected in the price.

* Do not hesitate to contact the publisher for help or suggestions :)
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