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Retro Low Poly Spacecraf - c4d models 17 spaceshipst

Cinema 4D r15  |  Other r15
3D Model Specifications
300 Polygons
150 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
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17x High quality low poly Retro Style Cinema 4D models.

These models are all very low poly and are intended for ultra fast render.

Perfect for games or background animations. They range from 50 polygons up to 500 polygons.

You will receive the *.C4D scene file along with all textures. These are completely royalty free.

The only stipulation is you cannot resell in model form.

Use them in your games, animations or digital artwork. They render very quickly even on slow machines.   

Perfect for all Cinema 4D artists and great little models.

The Overburn Fighter Bomber also has internal modelled cockpit and control room.

Check out the rendered 3d rotations of these models on youtube.


LOW POLY Retro Spacecraft Model Set - C4D Cinema 4D


Balooga Taxi
This general purpose taxi ship does not have jump capabilities and is without weapons.

Crosswing Fighter
The thing that sets out the crosswing fighter from other fighters is it is completely electric. Using only the power of sun this small fighter never needs fuelled, however its range is limited as is its weapons.

Insectron Attack Fighter
This is a formidable attack fighter belonging to the mysterious Insectrons. The power output of this ship along with almost all specifications is completely unknown.

Flying Gun Shuttle
This is a shuttle prototype consisting of a standard gyro shuttle welded onto a phase plasmer beam cannon. Due to its huge power output once this ship fires it remains inactive for 20 seconds while the whole system is restarted. This is a major problem in combat but most ships are completely destroyed by the first shot.... Dont miss!

Long Range Transporter
The back bone of the galaxy, the long-range transporter carries everything from food to waste, in recent years interstella drug cartels have outfitted these ships for smuggling.

Insectron Surveillance Ship
This sneaky little ship tends to pop up anywhere, with is full cloak ability it is almost impossible to detect. Its range is unknown but is thought not to carry weapons although this cannot be confirmed.

Photonic Propulsion Ship
This ship is highly classified. It started as an experiment to develop faster than warp speed. It is rumoured that this ship can travel anywhere in the know galaxy in one jump. If this is true this would be a formidable advantage for any pilot.

Manta-Ray High Speed Transporter
The Manta-Ray high-speed transporter is a slandered interplanetary transporter with a Manta Ray skimmer setup attached this is much faster but at the expense of carrying less cargo.

Krylon Battle Frigate
This is a dangerous battle frigate which boasts 4 ico ower accelerators, internal bomb bays capable of carrying 4x 2000lbs phase bombs and a mini missile bank. Do not mess with this ship.

Interplanetary Transporter
Small, cheap, fast and able to carry a good cargo this little ship is a fantastic option for any trader.

Scuttle Attack Shuttle
Built by mashing up ready available parts from around the galaxy this little shuttle is poorly built with weak weapons, it also has been known to not even be symmetrical in build. It is a wonder that this ship actually hold together in orbit. The bonus about this ship, is its cheap and each ship has different specs, you may be lucky and find a good one.

Magnifico Class War Bird
A favourite with topguns. This fighter is very powerful, it has powerful main guns and an array of missiles. It is suggested that only the top pilot
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