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3D Red Army T-34 Tank

Cinema 4D R-15  |  Advanced Render R-15
Original textures.Tiff files with preserved layers
Other Files
T-34-Driver's Handbook.pdf
3D Model Specifications
158,261 Polygons
147,991 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
UV Mapped
Unknown Unwrapped UVs
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The 3D model of the Red Armys T-34 Tank has been built and rigged to take full advantage of the Cinema4D rigid body simulation module. Tanks treads, wheels and hull will behave in a physically correct way, as they would in a real world. The model will respond to gravity, it will follow terrain and respond to physical variations in geometry like bumps, ditches and holes, as well as variations in terrains friction.

Whether you are animating or simply driving this tank to a specific spot on your set, it is easy to use. XPresso sliders L-Speed and R-Speed have been created to control the rotation of all wheels which propel the tank on its treads over a designated terrain.

The model is built as an outside shell only, it has no interior structure.

The model was built true to real proportions and size. When changing the size of the rigid body model, due to its rigging, do not scale the model, instead, use the Scale Project function under Edit to adjust the models size, then place it into your scene.

There are two files included T-34-Clean.c4d (No frames recorded) and T-34-Anim.c4d (animated driving across terrain length 1300 frames). Simply press play.

Controls of the T-34 model are executed as XPresso sliders, and are accessible under the User Data tab of the T-34 Tank Null object. Additionally, two main controllers (L-Speed & R-Speed) have been placed into the HUD and will be visible in the upper right hand corner of the main view port.

The speed of the model is regulated by the L-Speed and R-Speed sliders. Negative direction of the slider is reverse, positive direction is forward. To drive straight forward, keep left and right speeds equal.

Tanks wheels never turn to change the direction/heading of the tank like front wheels do in a car. To maneuver, instead slow down one side of the tank and speed up the other. The wheels positioned on the inside of the turn have to slow down or even reverse their rotation, while the wheels positioned on the outside of the turn can speed up their rotation. The greater the difference between the rotation of both sides, the tighter the turning radius.

UV maps have been created for the tank as well as the featured ground. The ground map is large (21000x15700) to accommodate the model's movement across it. It accounts for large portion of the MB size of this package. The Cinema4D files are about 25 MB each. Tank's UV map is 6100x6100. Original tank textures with their Photoshop layers preserved for an easy alteration have been included.
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