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Interstellar Spaceship

Dec 31, 2014
CheckMate Lite Certified
Lightwave 11.5  |  Default Scanline 11.5
Lightwave 11.5  |  Default Scanline 11.5
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3D Model Specifications
2,949,526 Polygons
4,942,445 Vertices
Polygonal Ngons used Geometry
overlapping Unwrapped UVs
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High detail realistic long range interstellar merchanter ship or space cruiser. Original design by me, never used. It features a large, precisely calculated,realistic rotating section, six cargo-container ships (each with their own drive system), two fighter docks, one main bay (both 'furnished'), an extendable tunnel for docking with a star station, and 72 independent moving turrets (railguns, RAM and CRAM point defense). If you use the container ships as troop transporters this ship could function as a military cruiser or carrier.

Model is realscale; it is about 800 meters long. The living section, the 'ring' is 200m in diameter and 172m long: just enough to provide 1g gravitation and living space for 2-4000 people (a merchanter 'family') without significant coriolis force. The ring has 6 levels. The ring has four mirror-enabled lighting chambers on the perimeter to provide natural light into the internal of the ring. Cargo capacity is huge; around 100-150k m3 (53000 net register tonnage)

Complete with 50 independent movable weapons turrets (jointed), huge texture-maps, four fighter bays and a large main dock ('furnished') with moving doors, 100+ lights, etc. Weapons can be used separated from ship and are provided as as separate object. Changing base color is easily done by simply swapping color maps (about a dozen other simple colors are shipped, using a camo is also supported).

Technical note: Model was developed in Lightwave 3D 11.5 and coverted to other formats with Deep Exploration 5.5. The native LWO/LWS version uses simple, layered planar maps (most of them are 8000 pixel wide) and procedurals. Procedural textures are impossible to convert, but they are easily reproduced in other programs. If you are using the LWO/LWS version, you won't need any afterwork; it is render-ready. Converted versions might need some work to rebuild the original textures or to fit the turrets.
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