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Ninja Assassin rigged & animated

3D Model License: Standard    Upgrade License
Maya Ma  |  Default Scanline
Maya Mb  |  Default Scanline
3D Model Specifications
3,172 Polygons
1,592 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs
Product ID 587395

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Ninja assassin with single edged short sword or wakizashi in a shoulder slung sheath. With light leather armour and tabi boots.

This Ninja model is game ready, rigged and animated. The file contains a full game animation set. It is fully poseable and ready to animate. Existing animations can be edited together to create narratives, or new custom animations can be created.

Ninja set animation list

20-49                 Ninja Idle
70-103               Ninja Reverse crescent kick
160-180             Ninja Step side kick
200-237             Ninja Walk forward combat
260-289             Ninja Walk back combat
310-338             Ninja Draw sword
350-379             Ninja Sword idle
400-425             Ninja Run
450-475             Ninja Run with Sword
500-530             Ninja Shuriken attack
540-578             Ninja Somersault
600-630             Ninja sheave sword
642-679             Ninja Walk forward with sword
700-729             Ninja Walk back with sword
760-796             Ninja Death fall back
810-852             Ninja Death fall forward
860-900             Ninja Death fall right
920-962             Ninja Death fall left
990-1002          Ninja Hit reaction body
1010-1020         Ninja Hit reaction head
1030-1042         Ninja Hit reaction right
1050-1062         Ninja Hit reaction left
1070-1095         Ninja Sword strike 1
1110-1137         Ninja Sword strike 2
1150-1176         Ninja Sword strike 3
1180-1205         Ninja Step left with sword
1220-1245         Ninja Step right with sword
1260-1270         Ninja Turn left with sword
1280-1290         Ninja Turn right with sword
1300-1333         Ninja Walk
1350-1430         Ninja Bow
1451-1587         Ninja Death fall back with sword
1501-1535         Ninja Death fall forward with sword
1551-1590         Ninja Death fall right with sword
1611-1651         Ninja Death fall left with sword
1681-1693         Ninja Hit reaction body with sword
1701-1713         Ninja Hit reaction head with sword
1721-1733         Ninja Hit reaction right with sword
1741-1753         Ninja Hit reaction left with sword
1782-1820         Ninja Somersault with sword
1831-1856         Ninja Step right
1871-1896         Ninja Step left
1911-1921         Ninja Turn left
1931-1941         Ninja Turn right
1948-1957         Ninja Fall
1968-1978         Ninja Land
1987-1996         Ninja Fall with sword
2007-2017         Ninja Land with sword

Please see sample videos to view animations.

Mesh is one piece standing at 1meter 55. Poly count is 3172 triangles. Character is easily re-scaleable animations and rig will scale proportionally. Character includes bind pose at frame zero.

Texture files are TGA five files total. including color, spec and bump maps. There are three color variants midnight blue, red or green. Resolution is 2048 by 2048, reduce the resolution to the scale that best suits your project. Textures look acceptable for game at 512 by 512 or 256 by 256.

Includes fbx version. The fbx version contains the skeleton, mesh, textures and all animations. There is no IK rigg with the fbx version so customers who wish to edit or create new animations need to have access to Maya.

Created in Maya 8.5
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