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Terminator T800

3D Model License: Standard    Upgrade License
Maya 2009
3D Model Specifications
243,807 Polygons
249,037 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs
Product ID: 584303
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Since 2003

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This is a Maya 2009 .ma file, can be opened in Maya 2009 and above.

Images are rendered in Mental Ray. No plugins or shaders are required.

The polycount of the model is 243807 !!ALL QUADS!! No tri's or ngons! All parts are fully UV mapped with no overlapping UV's.
The following textures are provided:

Head: displacement,diffuse,reflection gloss and bump (2048x2048)
Torso: displacement,diffuse,reflection gloss (2048x2048)
Arms: displacement,diffuse,reflection gloss (2048x2048)
Legs: displacement,diffuse,reflection gloss (2048x2048)
Pistons: displacement,diffuse,reflection gloss (2048x2048)
Teeth: diffuse (1024x1024)
Cables: diffuse,normal (1024x1024)
Other Head Parts: diffuse (1024x1024)

Displacement maps are 32bit and in .map format. They help to give the model an older,battered and used feel. All other maps are .tifs except for the cables normal which is a .bmp.

Render layers are setup with 7 layers in all which are: diffuse,ambient occlusion,reflection,specular,inner eye,eye glass and zdepth. I have put the inner eye on a separate layer so that glow can be added in post.
Mental Ray is used for all layers. Just add an HDRI to the IBL on the master layer and you're good to go! All parts are smoothed at render time via a MR subdiv approximation node.

A custom rig is included. Nurbs curves are used for controls, coloured red for right and blue for left.
All geometry is bound to the joints instead of parented to keep the scene clean and tidy. Metallic parts are rigid bound and cables smooth bound so they can deform.
Legs and arms can be switched between IK and FK via a switch node which is next to the main transform curve.
The head can be switched between local and world rotations via the head follow attribute on the head control.
Hands are setup with the usual curl and spread attributes on the hand controls. There are also several hand poses such as a fist and a gun holding pose which are setup with sdk's. There are also controls on the individual finger knuckles so the poses and sdk's can be offset if wanted. These can be shown or hidden as needed via a showFingerCons attribute on the main hand controls.
The individual toes can also be animated via the controls on the toe knuckles or by the attributes on the main toe controls. There are several toe poses including a toe scrunch/curl pose that are setup via sdk's.
I have put an offset group node above every FK control so the rig can be animated with MoCsp files if preferred. The following animations were done with MoCap and are included in the file. The clips can be found in the clips directory but they are also loaded in the trax editor.

Frame 1: Bind Pose
Frames 2-386: Walking
Frames 387-487: Walking with gun
Frames 488-510: Injured walk cycle
Frames 511-1270: Looking around
Frames 1271-1391: Being shot with shotgun

The injured walk cycle is similar to what is seen at the end of the 1st film when the T800 is chasing Kyle and Sarah into the factory. If none of the clips are needed,they can be selected in the trax editor and deleted.

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