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Restaurant Equipment

3D Model License: Standard    Upgrade License
3ds Max 9
3D Studio
3D Model Specifications
1 Polygons
1 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
UV Mapped
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This model collection contains 33 high detailed models of restaurant kitchen equipment. All created in 3dsMax version 9 with Vray.

When asked to produce a rendering of a restaurant interior where the kitchen will be visible, 3D artists are often at a loss. Not owning numerous models of stainless steel appliances and fixtures leaves 2 choices- 1) fill in the space with a bunch of low-poly stainless boxes, or 2) spend lots of time searching images on the web for the 'perfect' photo you can cut and paste into your rendering, which rarely produces satisfactory results.

Now you can choose from 33 detailed models to populate your kitchen area, for a much more realistic result. All models are a single mesh, so merging them into your scene is as simple as can be. Additionally, all objects are named with the prefix 'X031_0##' so locating the objects in the scene browser is simple as well. Materials are named similarly. No more searching for random names!!

Warning- These models ALL use Vray Materials and maps due to the overwhelming use of Stainless Steel. If you use another renderer, you will need to convert the materials or substitute in your favorite Stainless shaders.

For the exported formats (OBJ, 3DS, and FBX), we recommend the OBJ first. Please note, that the OBJ zip file contains it's own set of textures. You don't need to download the textures.zip file. The OBJ files will require the least amount of materials work. FBX is the 2nd recommended format, then 3DS (because of the 8 character limit in filenames).

Available for free download is a PDF catalog, so you can reference the numbers used in the filenames to the images.

Here is a list of models included and associated poly count:

1.        Ovens                                                15,652
2.        Pizza ovens                                        75,234
3.        Griddle-top Range                       14,526
4.        Microwave                                        1,557
5.        Sandwich Press                               43,102
6.        Fry Station                                        4,022
7.        Deep Fryer                                        145,357
8.        Finishing Oven                                14,409
9.        Refrigerator 1                                20,212
10.        Refrigerator 2                                12,344
11.        Food Storage 1                               17,943
12.        Food Storage 2                               18,063
13.        Freezer                                                12,143
14.        Ice Machine                                       41,141
15.        Dishwasher 1                                11,570
16.        Dishwasher 2                                1,851
17.        Sink                                               45,006
18.        Food Prep Table 1                       27,073
19.        Food Prep Table 2                          3,443
22.        Food Prep Table 3                       16,204
21.        Food Prep Table 4                       11,397
22.        Mobile Cart                                        12,288
23.        Meat Slicer                                        112,293
24.        Floor Mixer                                        91,450
25.        Kitchen Door 1                                940
26.        Kitchen Door 2                                1,448
27.        Kitchen Door 3                                102
28.        Pass Through Window               3,494
29.        Sneeze Guard 1                               11,550
30.        Sneeze Guard 2                                 5,142
31.        Beverage Fountain                         20,765
32.        Buffet Table                                         32,256
33.        Food Display Cooler                         25,790
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