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3D model Highwayman - Rigged and Animated

by r189
Lightwave 2020  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2020  |  Arnold
3D Studio
3D Model Specifications
35,574 Polygons
61,799 Vertices
Polygonal Quads only Geometry
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs
Product ID: 1858258
165 Products
Since 2005

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Man WITH HAIR CARDS: 35,574 polys
WITHOUT HAIR CARDS: 21,144 polys

This model comes with several pre-animated scenes to get you started:
HIWYMan_ANIM_001b - Maskless

- HIWYMan_ZERO - Is the basic non animated - rigged scene

There is also a 'RENDERS' folder in each set that has a handful of scenes that reflect the images shown on this page.

Lightwave: I don’t like to have too many control objects in my rigs, I like them simple and so I try to access the bones directly as often as possible. you can remove or add to the control objects I have placed on the rig.

MAX: has many different controllers as well as direct bone manipulation

In Lightwave “Highwayman MASTER” moves the entire rigged object
In Max the “LOC-POINT” moves the entire rigged object

MAX: The main controlling Object “LOC-POINT” attached to 'ROOT' bone
LW: The main controlling Bone is the 'ROOT' bone

Max: The feet and legs are controlled by 'LT-Foot' and 'RT-Foot' objects respectively. When you select a foot controller in Max under the “Modify” menu you will find “Custom Attributes” which have Heel To and Ball of foot controls.
LW: The feet and legs are controlled by 'LT-Foot' and 'RT-Foot' bones respectively. LW has “Lt_ToeControl” and “RT_ToeControl” for horizontal toe control - LW Also has “LT_OnToes” and “RT_OnToes” to rock toes up

Max: The hands are controlled by the “CtrlC_LT_Hand” and “CtrlC_RT_Hand” objects
LW: The hands are controlled by the “LT_Hand” and “RT_Hand” Bones

Max: the Knees and Elbows are managed by “CtrlC_LT_Elbow”and “CtrlC_RT_Elbow” and “CtrlC_LT_Knee” and “CtrlC_RT_Knee” objects

LW: the Knees and Elbows are a bit different and are managed by “LT_Shoulder” and “RT_Shoulder” and “LT_Knee_Rotate” and “RT_Knee_Rotate” objects - a bit tricky at first, but you’ll get the hang of it

Max: The Head, Neck, shoulders, fingers and spine(s) all have their own bones as controllers
LW: The Head, Neck, shoulders, fingers and spine(s) all have their own bones as controllers

There are 49 Morph targets:

There is a bone located on the upper right chest: The CAPE-Pistol Handle bone - it allows you to alter the cape's position if the pistol handle protrudes.

There is also a short sword under the Cape on the left hip - it's position can be controlled via the 'Sword-Dummy', and if used activate the 'z-Cape-With-Sword' morph target, this molds tha cape around the sword handle.

In a like manner, there is a 'Pistol-Dummy' that allows for fine tuning of the position of the Flintlock pistol tucked into his belt - activate the 'z-Pistol-Tucked' morph target to make his belt fit around the pistol - or remove the pistol and do not invoke that morph target.

In Lightwave there is a model with the Mask layer turned off, if you don't want the mask to show
In Max you can go into the 'Slate' Material Editor scroll down the 'HyWyMn-3' material find '(71) Mask' and swap the 'Mask' material for the 'Mask Hidden' Material - to make the mask go away.

Image maps are 4k

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