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3D Classic style porch house with furniture model

Blender 2.9  |  EEVEE Renderer
3D Model Specifications
2,316,176 Polygons
1,182,836 Vertices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometry
UV Mapped
overlapping Unwrapped UVs
Product ID: 1637050
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NOTEThis scene contains textures from Poliigon and may not be redistributed (Visit the Poliigon website for more licencing information). If you don't have a Poliigon licence but you plan to resdistribute this in a commercial project, feel free to replace all the textures by your own sourced textures.

This project is developed in blender 2.90.1

This download contains a complete furnished house with garden. everything is textured and the lighting is completely baked for fast Eevee renders. This model can be used for commercial purposes and works with realtime game engines.

Short discription

This is a classic style porch house with furnished interior for Blender eevee and cycles and set in todays era. Its inspired by Eastcoast American classic house design together with a orginal twist.

This is a orginal designed and modeled house and doesnt exist in the real world.


The scene is optimised to get as much performance and as little memory usage as possible. I would still reccomend a system with at least 8gb RAM and 6gb GPU memory. (al though the rendered eevee viewport uses less than 4gb RAM and GPU memory)

If your GPU doesnt have enough memory, you can always choose to render with cycles on your CPU.

The car and 3D grass particles are turned off in the viewport for optimisation reasons, but are easy to enable in the outliner.

If you need more performance, you can turn off more layers like the vegetation, interior lights or lowering the shadow resolution.


This scene is designed and optimised around eevee. all the lighting and reflections are baked in by using a irradiance volume and reflection cubes. This engine is perfect to make animations that are rendered quick. Every new asset added to this scene will automaticly adopt the lighting and reflections.


All assets and materials work with Cycles aswell, The HDRI and sunlight might need to be tweaked a bit, for interior renders you could also use a flat blue color for the sky.


Even though this project has more detail than older projects, the polycount is optimised

House and furniture combined (whole scene by default)

  • Objects: 1640

  • Verticles: 1,182.836

  • Edges: 2,253,017

  • Faces: 1,098,461

  • Triangles: 2,242,936


All file exports are exported using blenders default settings. (grass, car and pool water not exported)

  • BLEND (native)

  • FBX

  • OBJ

  • DAE

  • GLB

  • STL

  • ABC

  • PLY

  • USDC

  • X3D


The following materials aren't licenced by Poliigon, so they can be redistributed in commercial projects without issues. (other textures are licenced but can be replaced, see the note at the top of this page)

  • The tree trunk (texturehaven) and leaves (custom made)

  • The book textures (custom made)

  • Interior plant textures

  • The Pool water and all other procedural materials like car paint

  • The sky HDRI (hdrihaven)

  • The blueprint plans in the utility room and garage

  • The image on the PC monitors

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