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3D Dragonfly Paddle-tailed Darner (Animated) model

Nov 6, 2018
CheckMate Pro Certified
Maya 2016  |  mental ray
Maya 2016  |  mental ray
3D Model Specifications
74,993 Polygons
223,499 Vertices
Polygonal Quads only Geometry
UV Mapped
Mixed Unwrapped UVs
Product ID 1339422

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Animated 3D model of Dragonfly Paddle-tailed Darner 'Aeshna palmata' created in Maya 2016.
Real-world scale.
Model is scalable (use Main_Control's scale to rescale rig).
Units: cm.
Clean topology with quad polygons only.
All objects properly named.
Model fully rigged and ready for animation.
Please watch attached video with rig preview.
Also rig's readme file attached.

Animation Baking Tool included!
Model can be exported to FBX in 2 clicks, run zzTab script and follow instructions.

Hair created with Ornatrix plugin, but also baked to Geometry and skinned, can be used without plugin.
Ornatrix version 2.1.9

Model Exported to .obj format (without rig).
Animations (baked) exported to .FBX format.
Some software (like Cinema4D) requires to invert transparency maps to cast model properly.

Dragonfly_PaddleTailedDarner_Animation_Fly1.mb - contains infinite slow motion flying cycle animation (27 frames), you can set any length of your clip.
Dragonfly_PaddleTailedDarner_Animation_Fly2.mb - contains infinite flying cycle animation (50 frames).
Dragonfly_PaddleTailedDarner_Animation_Land_Idle_Takeoff.mb - contains 3 animations seamlessly connected to 1 clip with 3 camera angles, frames 1-83 - landing, 84-157 - idling and cleaning head, 158-219 - taking off.
Dragonfly_PaddleTailedDarner_Poster.mb - contains main product image at fame 2 with camera motion blur.
Dragonfly_PaddleTailedDarner_Poses.mb using Dragonfly_PaddleTailedDarner.mb as reference.
(Same files for Ornatrix version, named _Ornatrix)

Faces: 26462 (74993 with hair)
Vertices: 43927 (223499 with hair)

PaddleTailedDarner_Body(Diffuse, Glossiness, Height, Opacity, Specular) .png (4096x4096)
PaddleTailedDarner_Wings_(Diffuse, Glossiness, Height, Opacity, Specular) .png - (2048x2048)
Dragonfly_hair.png (4096x4096)
Pool_BW.hdr (2048x1024) environment map

Rig description:
Main_Control - controls whole model position and rotation
body_Control - controls body position and rotation
head_Control - controls head rotation
L_antenna_Control - controls left antenna
R_antenna_Control - controls right antenna
L_mandible_Control - controls left mandible
R_mandible_Control - controls right mandible
L_maxilla_Control - controls left maxilla palp
R_maxilla_Control - controls right maxilla palp
L_maxillary_palp_Control - controls left maxillary palp
R_maxillary_palp_Control - controls right maxillary palp
labium_Control - controls labium plate
labrum_Control - controls labrum
abdomen_Control1-11 - control abdomen rotation
L_tail_Control, R_tail_Control - control tail tips
L_front_upleg_Control, L_front_leg_Control, L_front_claw_Control1-3, L_front_knee_Control - control left front leg
L_mid_upleg_Control, L_mid_leg_Control, L_mid_claw_Control1-3, L_mid_knee_Control - control left middle leg
L_hind_upleg_Control, L_hind_leg_Control, L_hind_claw_Control1-2 L_hind_knee_Control - control left hind leg
R_front_upleg_Control, L_front_leg_Control, L_front_claw_Control1-3, L_front_knee_Control - control right front leg
R_mid_upleg_Control, L_mid_leg_Control, L_mid_claw_Control1-3, L_mid_knee_Control - control right middle leg
R_hind_upleg_Control, L_hind_leg_Control, L_hind_claw_Control1-2 L_hind_knee_Control - control right hind leg
L_front_wing_Control1-5 - control left front wing
L_hind_wing_Control1-5 - control left hind wing
R_front_wing_Control1-5 - control right front wing
R_hind_wing_Control1-5 - control right hind wing
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