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3D Mobile Game Characters RIGGED SET Five Characters Cartoon

3D Model Specifications
1,500 Polygons
1,500 Vertices
Polygonal Geometry
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs
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Low Poly Characters; FULLY RIGGED AND ANIMATED, UVunwrapped, made with 3ds max. BPR ready for mobile game is perfect!

This model has a clean geometry based on loops and 'only' quads. It is FULLY RIGGED AND ANIMATED and comes with 3ds max settings for default renderer.

The models is provided in both the default rigging pose and signature/preview pose, in separate 3ds max files.


--High resolution textures (4K textures)

-color (4096x4096)
-bump.tif (4096x4096)

Fully game ready character!
BPR ready for mobile game is perfect!


Formats included:

.max (014 binary)
.fbx format

Perfect for mobile games!

lowpoly characters: 1500



This model is rigged using simple 'CAT' and SPLINES primitive control objects to help achieve realistic animations of the limbs, joints, and muscles.
The rig in scalable.
Control objects can be easily manipulated through the transform tools to achieve desired animations.

1 fully editable animation sets have been included in 3ds files (referenced to the main rig) to make them easier to use and edit:

Lizard Animation included:
-jump (38 frames - loopable)

Mummy Animation included:
- Mummy_Walk.max (38 frames - loopable)
- Mummy_Run.max (38 frames - loopable)
- Mummy_PuchUp.max (38 frames - loopable)
- Mummy_PuchUp_TwoHands.max (38 frames - loopable)
- Mummy_Puch.max (38 frames - loopable)
- Mummy_Jump_High.max (38 frames - loopable)
- Mummy_Jump_Bigger.max (38 frames - loopable)

- MummyRigged_rig_animated_Run.max (38 frames - loopable)
- MummyRigged_rig_animated_Walk.max (38 frames - loopable)
- MummyRigged_rig_animated_Walk2.max (38 frames - loopable)

- Mummy_Jump_v2.max (38 frames - loopable)

- MummyRigged.max (38 frames - loopable)
- MummyRigged_rig.max (38 frames - loopable)
- MummyRigged_rig_animated4.max (38 frames - loopable)
- MummyRigged_rig_animated3.max (38 frames - loopable)
- MummyRigged_rig_animated.max (38 frames - loopable)
- MummyRigged_rig_animated2.max (38 frames - loopable)

Pharaoh Animation included:
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_Jump.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_Lever_v2.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_Lever.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_Magic.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_MagicOneHand.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_MagicOneHand2.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_MagicSkeleton.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_Presentation.max (loopable)

-Pharaoh_V4_2014_Presentation.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_Run.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_ShowUp.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_StandUp.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_StayStill.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_Walk_Maya.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_Walk_Quick.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_Walk_Slow.max (loopable)

-Pharaoh_V4_2014_Walk.max (loopable)

Golem Animation included:

-Rockzilla_Walk.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_SideHit.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_Jump.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_Idle.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_FwdHit_Walk_01.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_FwdHit_Near.max (loopable)
-Pharaoh_V4_2014_MagicSkeleton.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_FwdHit_Middle.max (loopable)

-Rockzilla_FwdHit_Middle_v4.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_FwdHit_Middle_v3.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_FwdHit_Middle_v2.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_FwdHit_Far.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_FwdGrab.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_FwdHit_Far_static.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_FwdHit_Far.max (loopable)
-Rockzilla_FwdHit_Near.max (loopable)

Golem Animation included:
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