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3D 100 Firearms High-Poly Collection Vol 1

Cinema 4D R20  |  Default Scanline R20
Maya 2018  |  Maya Hardware 2018
Blender 2.91  |  Blender Render 2.91
3ds Max 2018  |  Default Scanline 2018
FBX 2018
OBJ 2018
3D Model Specifications
1,000,000 Polygons
1,000,000 Vertices
Subdivision Geometry
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Since 2013

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This 3D models were built by the strict quality standards of the team founded by Frezzy.
Since 2013, we have provided thousands of 3D models for professional projects of our clients around the world.
We create 3D models so that our customers save maximum their costs and time.

* * * * * *

+ You will save more than 2000 hours of work. Each model takes about 20 hours of work by the most professional artists in our team. You only pay an average of $3 for 20 hours of work!

+ This is the first of 10 sets of our upcoming firearm models. That means you'll have the most complete set of libraries ready for your work.

+ If you buy it individually: 100 x $39 = $3900. If you buy this collection: $3900 - $299 = $3601 ( You save 92% )

* * * * * *


+ Customize to your style: You can add or easily edit the parts that you want from our standard models.

+ The parts, including ammo, magazine, magazine lock, firing mode... have been taken apart ready for animation.

+ You can use this model to make Low-Poly versions for use in games or offer the Low-Poly as a commercial version.

+ You may be familiar with using 3d modeling for learning or studying. However using them to make weapons is not possible because they have no internal structures and we do not allow that. These models are for game projects or render 3D.

* * * * * *
+ High quality polygonal model. Mesh and details are built by our professional artists.
+ Models resolutions are optimized for polygon efficiency.
+ Model is fully textured with all materials applied.
+ All textures and materials are included and mapped in every format.
+ Objects are logically named for ease of scene management.
+ No part-name confusion when importing several models into a scene.

* * * * * *
+ 3ds Max 2018 Standard materials ( Native format )
+ Maya 2018 Hardware materials )
+ Cinema 4D R20 Standard materials
+ Blender 2.91 Evee materials
+ FBX and OBJ (You can use this format to import them into a lot of different 3D software.)

* * * * * *
+ These models have not included uv mapping, you will need to do this yourself. Because you will probably want to edit the 3D model like your style before making the textures. So we don't make uv mapping yet.

* * * * * *
+ Problem when unzip file: If you have problem with extract file please use latest version of winrar ( winrar is free )
+ Smoother faces and edges: You'll need to add subdivision command to get a smoother curved version. ( For example: Turbosmooth in 3ds Max )
+ OBJ and FBX are not smooth: Contact me to get the smoother version for free. Or you can import them into 3D software, add subdivision command and re-export them as high-poly.
+ Lower version 3D software: Don't worry about lower versions of 3D software. Use FBX or OBJ to import them.
+ For Cinema 4D users: Add HyperNURBS for each object to get subdivision ( smooth ). And make sure setting of HyperNURBS is Catmull-Clark and Subdivide UVs is Edge to correct textures and UVs.
+ Don't forget to contact me if you encounter any other issues that aren't listed above.

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