My Files Publisher & Uploading Section FAQ

Is there any limit to how much I can upload to my Upload & Workspace file system?
Practically, no. There are some safety mechanisms in place if we detect abuse. Support will contact you in the rare case that there is an issue.

Can I upload more than one file at a time?
Yes. The file selection popup allows multiple file selection. Additionally, while files are uploading, you can click Upload Files again and add more files as many times as you like.

If I update my one of my published products, will the customer get the updated version?
Not immediately, but they will be able to access it. Updating your product will not update the product in their Purchases & Download file system. The product will the same as when they originally added it to their Purchases & Download section. But, if the customer deletes the product from their Purchases & Download file system, they can still access it from their Purchase History. From Purchase History, they can re-add the product back into their Purchases & Download file system. When it adds it, it adds it in the product’s current form. So, the customer can delete the previous version, and then get a copy of the new version of your product.

Can I control the display order of my thumbnails in the Publisher?
Yes. The Publisher now allows ordering control of the thumbnails.

How do I change the order of my thumbnails in the Publisher?
Simply click on the image of the thumbnail to move and drag to its new location.