Creating High-Resolution Thumbnail Images

To create high-resolution thumbnail images, render images at 1480 x 800 resolution or higher, and upload them as thumbnails in Step 2 of the Publisher interface. The Publisher will automatically detect that the images are at this resolution and will display the HD icon on the preview images. Customers can click the Image Viewer icon (small magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner) to zoom into the image and view it at its original resolution.

example of a High-Resolution Thumbnail

Once you click on the magnifying glass, the Product Preview will update and zoom into the image, and your cursor will turn into a small hand icon that you can simply click-drag on, allowing you to quickly scroll around the high resolution image. You are also provided a crop box in the lower right so you can see exactly where you are within the image as you pan around.

example of a High-Resolution Thumbnail

The Cinema Wide 1480 x 800 pixel aspect ratio (1:1.85) is the required minimum standard for high-resolution images.

You can also upload turntable sequences at 1480 x 800 pixels or higher, and the Image Viewer icon will appear on the turntable preview image.