Japanese Partner, amanaimages

TurboSquid has partnered with amanaimages, Japan’s leading seller of stock photography. The partnership opens up the opportunity for members of the SquidGuild Network to distribute their 3D models to the rich but largely untapped market in Asia.

Japan has the world’s 3rd largest GDP and a huge amount of 3D production, however sales to Japanese customers account for a tiny percentage of the revenue that TurboSquid receives. This is largely due to the language and cultural differences when operating in the Japanese market. Japanese customers, like American customers and those of other cultures, prefer to buy from a website in their own language, with customer support in their language, localized payment methods and the billing cycles that they are accustomed to. In no other country are the differences so strong and the opportunity so large as in Japan.

For those reasons, TurboSquid partnered with a Japanese company that will sell our artists’ products to this largely untapped market. Our partner has taken all the descriptions and thumbnails for all priced 3D models and textures by SquidGuild artists and has translated them into their own Japanese website.  They will provide a large sales force and a full support team to handle all sales.  We’ve worked with them over the last few months to setup this distribution process and integration into our sales and royalty payments process.

Royalty rates for TurboSquid and artists will be slightly lower (see below) , but artists are given the ability to opt-out of selling on the amanaimages site if they do not wish to be a part of the program.

Payment Differences

  • The partner will raise the prices of the products on their site in order to make the venture profitable for the three parties now contributing to business in Japan (you, TurboSquid, and the partner).
  • TurboSquid will receive 90% of your product’s normal sale price from the partner. The money received will be split between you and TurboSquid according to the SquidGuild percentages on your account.
  • TurboSquid will be paid within 90 days (much later than on traditional credit card sales), but will pay artists as if it was a regular sale in the normal time frame (monthly).
  • TurboSquid will guarantee the sale price, even if the value of the dollar (TurboSquid’s internal currency) drops before we receive our payments. Most financial experts forecast this outcome, and this “currency risk” is significant.
  • These sales are not subject to tax withholding rates.

We created this partnership because TurboSquid believes new Japanese customers will begin purchasing stock 3D models and textures. To participate, you must be in the SquidGuild and keep the opt-in set to on. In case you would not like to participate for any reason, we’ve made opting out as simple as possible.

Identifying Sales

You will be able to identify amanaimages sales from the monthly sales detail report. From here amana will be identified in the source column. Please note that the price will also reflect the payment difference from the amanaimages sale.


Opting Out

If you wish to opt out and no longer sell your content on amanaimages, you simply need to go to Artist Settings and uncheck “I agree to allow distribution through 3rd Party Partners that may have lower royalty rates.” You would then save your account changes.
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