How do I get paid?

Account balances are paid monthly in full within 15 days of the end of the month.  If the 15th is a weekend or a holiday, you will be paid on the next business day.  If you would like to have your checks withheld until you reach a certain dollar amount (to offset check cashing fees), you can set this with your other payment info on the Payment Info form. Payment through PayPal is also an option.


If you change your payment information on or after the first day of the payment month, you will not be paid until the following payment cycle.

Choosing a payment method

You have two choices for receiving payments:

  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneer
  3. If you cannot be paid by either of these methods, please contact our support team for possible alternatives.


If you prefer to receive your payments via PayPal, please be sure that the payment email address you provide is the same email address that is linked to the PayPal account you use.  If a payment is returned due to an invalid PayPal address, your member account(s) will be placed on hold until this information is corrected.


If you prefer to receive your payments via Payoneer, you will need to first register with Payoneer. Please note that Payoneer charges additional fees to their users, such as wire, withdrawal, and yearly fees. Please read your agreement carefully to insure that you are aware of all potential fees they may charge you.

IMPORTANT: If payments are returned due to any type of insufficient or invalid account information such as invalid PayPal address, your payments will be withheld until the next payment cycle or until the account has been properly updated by the Accounting Department.

Payment information

Please be sure that the following fields are completed in order for payments to be processed.

Make payment to: ______________  (Enter first and last name of member)

Company: ______________ (Enter only if appliable)

Address Line 1: ______________  (Street Address)

Address Line 2: ______________ (Apt, Suite, Unit number, etc.)

City: ______________ (Enter only if applicable)

State/Province: ______________

Zip/Postal Code: ______________

Telephone: ______________

Country: ______________


Please do not enter “Country” into any other space other than the designated “Country” field.  This will duplicate the country in our system and make your address invalid.