Substance Benefits

High quality seamless textures

The largest collection of high-quality seamless textures on the web.

Buy one, get infinite variations

Each substance can be customized to generate infinite variations of your texture.

All texture maps included

Diffuse, normal, specular, bump and more. All the texture maps you need in just one file.

The resolution you need

Choose the resolution of your substance in real time (from 32x32 to 2048x2048).

Lighter than a text file

A substance file typically weighs only a few kilobytes.

TurboSquid + Allegorithmic

Allegorithmic partnered with TurboSquid to introduce the most innovative assets for 3D texturing.

  • A new type of texturing asset to explore.
  • All purchases guaranteed by TurboSquid.
  • Free updates for the items you have already purchased.
How to use Substances

Export to bitmaps with Substance Player

Generate all possible variations and export them to bitmaps. Download the FREE Substance Player

3ds Max and Maya 2011 Compatible

Load Substances to create dynamic materials. More info about Substance compatibility.

Create with Substance Designer

Create incredible texturing assets for your projects. Learn more about Substance Designer.

Learn more

Explore the following links to learn more about the Substances and how to get the most out them:

Allegorithmic support forums

Substance Painter

Substance Designer